Sunday, March 6, 2016

Colombia gets a Krispy Kreme- the Church is True.

I am just going to let this email speak for itself:
Well hey fam!
First off i want to apologize mainly to my mom because i totally forgot my camera in the house and so i don't have any pictures......
Well glad i got that out of the way haha! 

Well this week has been pretty decent, a couple little surprises. There are some changes that are happening in the office and there are some new people that came in and they are really good friends of mine and we should be having a really good time i am super excited for this next little bit!
So basically this week has been adjusting to the changes and getting the new kids trained up. We have been able to leave and teach more lately which is awesome. Actually had a weird experience yesterday where i left with Elder Oliveira, i don't know if you remember him, but we went looking for a referral that someone gave us and got lost. We ended up talking and teaching this guy that was a little drunk and told us that he had seen and talked to Jesus Christ and God. Next prophet?? hahaha!
Today we went and played soccer because there are eight of us right now with all the training and all that good stuff. We had a really fun time. I ran into a wall. 
Other than that i have really big news!!!
There are only 5 days left until the Krispy Kreme opens down the street! Goodbye eating healthy and hello fat life! The church is true.
Well i don't have much else to say this week. Lots of cool things are happening here and i am loving every minute! 
Love you guys!! Have a great week!
Elder Wadley
Here was our back and forth:
You are a jerk. Your next package is going to be full of all gross things. Peeps. Raisins. Neccos. Prunes. Dates. Peeps. 

You are the spawn of the will never see another photo in your life if that happens.

Are you freaking threatening me from 3500 miles away?! You haven't sent me a picture in a MONTH. I should fly down there and paddle you with a wooden spoon.

Fetch it has been a month!? Bueno la próxima semana te mandaré muchas fotos. Voy a ver si me puedes entender.

Tu eres muerto a mi. Wait: Estas muerto para mi. That one I looked up the other one I was winging. Needless to say my Spanish is at about an 11 percent for fluency.

Pero casi estaba.
hey but you spoke way better than i did when i started the mission!
We will see if next week I finally get some pictures, and he gets some donuts.

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