Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blessings of Jayden's Service: A Skatepark in Lehi ;)

Even after a year, I am still excited when I hear my e-mail chime with a letter from my missionary.
I realized the other day, that I communicate more with him than my kids who are still living at home. I sit down once a week and re-cap family events for him- but more importantly I ask him what plans he has, what things he might need, and I share things with him that I have learned studying the scriptures.
It really hit me this week, that I should take the same time with all of my kids. I think I just take for granted that they are HERE, and if I need them, or want to talk to them, I can.
But I don't really spend the time to have "good" conversations with them.
Definitely a little whispering of the spirit that I finally heard.
We are all living on borrowed time.
I need to be better about really connecting with those that I love.
Here is Elder Wadley's e-mail this week:
Well its nice to see that the blessings from my service have finally paid off! A skate-park in Lehi ha i cant believe it!
Nah i am just playing, but that does make me super excited! When are they going to start and when should it be done?
Well this week hasn't been too interesting, we had all the ZLs (zone leaders) come in for a leadership conference with President Calderon and we had to set up a little bit for that. We have had a normal amount of work in the office but have been a little more outside teaching than in the office which has been really good! Finally have been able to get caught up on everything and now we are able to leave a lot more.
Oh and everyone still thinks it is weird that you want to go to Moab because before you hated it and basically threw up when we even mentioned the word, but i will give you props you have been pretty good the last little while. I am proud of you! I mean for the very least you can take a trip to the ol rock shop! HAHA! 
Oh I read a really sweet chapter the other day in my personal study, 1 Nephi 13. It is sooo good! It talks a lot about the bible and about the restoration. Also about how there are really only two churches, Gods church and the devils church. Honestly really good-I want to invite you guys to read it.  
I don't have a whole lot to say this week. Kinda bummed about the Carmel apple suckers i will be honest but i appreciate everything you do for me!
Well the church is true! 
I love you guys!!
Have fun in Moab! I want lots of pics!
Elder Wadley
Sister Calderon, Elder Wadley, President Calderon
The office Elders, President Calderon, and the Colombian Easter Bunny

"Dudes from the office."
Last week I got two new friends on Facebook! President Calderon's wife, and his daughter! Sister Calderon sent me some photos! I am so happy! They are an awesome family, and I am so grateful that technology makes this world a smaller place, and really grateful for the love that the Calderon's show my boy.
At the President's house for a BBQ, Jayden is in the very back.

Sister Calderon bought the boys four boxes of donuts, Jayden ate a dozen himself.
A good week.
It's not Krispy Kreme, but it's also not a tazer to the butt.
Next week on the 25th, marks his 13 month. 11 to go.
Crazy, right?

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