Monday, November 30, 2015

"We didn't eat anything on Thanksgiving and to be completely honest I forgot about it haha!" -Elder Wadley

Elder Wadley has a younger brother, Brendan, that is a senior this year. Brendan has long hair. Jayden did too. This was one of the last photos that I took of Jayden with his long hair, and one of the last photos I took of Jayden with his skateboard, before he decided to make some changes in his life, and serve a mission.
Elder Wadley, a couple months pre-mission.
Yesterday, before church, Brendan asked me if I would cut his hair after church. So it happened. It is happening. Brendan has decided to begin the process of serving a mission too. Jayden deserves a large part of the credit for his brother's decision.
When a boy serves a mission, change and blessings come. Always with the people they serve and teach. Often with themselves. And sometimes with the friends and family they leave behind. I am grateful for Jayden's good example, and the positive influence he is having on his siblings from 3,300 miles away.
Future Elder Brendan Wadley
Here is the e-mail from Elder Wadley this week:
What the heck haha! Dang Brendan's hair was long!!! His haircut does look good though i will give him that!! Haha holy cow i cant even believe it!! Bishop always joked around that he would know that I was finally serious about going on a mission and everything when i cut my hair.
Oh and glad to hear about all your food in the fridge. We didn't eat anything on Thanksgiving and to be completely honest i forgot about it haha! As for our fridge we have a little bit of juice and some dried up crusty mayo packets hahaha! We haven't been eating that much lately. 
Oh and Christmas decorations haha i am going to buy a tree maybe today. Other than that we don't have anything- and without snow it doesn't really feel the same. But we are almost in December i cant believe it!!
"Me and my very crappy umbrella."
Anyways my week hasn't been that interesting. We don't have a ton of people to work with right now so we are basically looking for a bunch of new people to teach. We haven't had a ton of luck so far but we are getting there.
Not quite sure how to approach these people?
This week we had the Assistants and the president come down and they checked our house and stuff like that. We had interviews with the President and it went awesome-the man is amazing! 
We had a couple good lessons this week. One with these less actives, two teenagers. The lesson went awesome we prepared really well and everything flowed really well and the spirit was strong it was awesome! Other than these few lessons the week was pretty normal. Like i said we are looking for new people mostly. 
1- How is the work going? Are you still frustrated? Who are you teaching? The work is rough right now because we don't have a lot of people to teach.
2- What did you do for thanksgiving? Nothing haha it was just another normal day.
3- What are your Christmas plans? Christmas. Well we get to call you guys one of those days. Also i am pretty sure we will have a big conference with the President. Other than that i am not really sure.
4- Have you done anything interesting lately on pday? Touristy things or service? Last week we went up the mountain. Today we are going to go and explore centro a little bit.
5- How are your clothes/shoes holding up? Holding up like champs!! I still have a bunch of new crap that i don't know if i will really use, we will see.
6- Did you get your freaking thanksgiving package yet? No nothing yet haha one day! The assistants were going to bring them but something happened and they didn't get here.
7- What was the best thing that happened this week? Best thing is while we were walking today we found a bunch of McDonalds promotions so we are going to eat a lot today! Score! 2X1 McFlurrys baby!
8- What was the worst thing that happened this week? Um We ran out of money a couple days early and had to walk a lot and didn't eat as much as we would like! 
No but everything is really good! A lot better this week! Oh i took a little bit of money for a reserve fund we are supposed to have. Just so you know. Don't have a ton to say this week.
Only thing i would say is that i want to encourage everybody to read the Book of Mormon. It is awesome i love reading it and there is a lot of stuff that you can apply in your life it is awesome! 
Anyways i love you guys and i will talk to you next week!!!
Elder Wadley
Closing side note. I have mailed him several packages that he hasn't received yet. One package was an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Another was full of Christmas decorations. Then his whole Christmas! The area he is serving in now is almost the furthest area away from the mission home where everything gets mailed.  I sure hope he gets those packages soon! I am about ready to hop a plane, pick them up, and deliver them all to him! I guess whenever he gets them will still be a good day, but as a mom, it is killing me that he didn't eat anything on Thanksgiving, and his fridge is empty when ours is so stuffed with leftovers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Member Missionaries and the Mountains of Manizales

I've been thinking all week about how Elder Wadley has been frustrated and discouraged trying to find ways to motivate people in his area who are already members of the church to help facilitate missionary work. It is a much easier task for the missionaries to teach someone the gospel if they already feel comfortable- knowing someone who is a member, and being at least familiar with the teachings.

I thought about what kind of a member I am. Am I an example of what I believe? Do I embrace opportunities to share what I believe with my friends and neighbors? I fall short in many ways. I think one of the best ways I can help my missionary in Colombia, is by doing my part here.
I ran across this quote while I was scrolling Pinterest, and I was inspired to pray to be aware of those around me that may be in need.
(I also shared it on social media, so I am sorry if I am hitting you with it everywhere, but it really works!) I feel like I am a pretty approachable person, and I am willing to help people out whenever. But when I prayed for opportunities to serve- people came out of the woodwork. I wonder then, if these opportunities have always been there, and I have been too wrapped up in my own problems that I have not noticed?

I think this is the first step to missionary work. Being aware. It doesn't take a religious scholar with an extensive knowledge of doctrine to be a disciple of Christ. It takes someone who is willing to serve and love as He did. I am trying to be better at this. And the crazy thing- is that when you serve, you are blessed, and it feels really great- so it is always a win/win.

Here is Elder Wadley's email this week:
Hey mom! Sorry we are writing late today we went and did something in the morning. We went with some local kids to a mountain a little ways away it was pretty sick! I haven't been able to send pictures because i forgot my cord to send them. I have a few  this week though!
Our week has been alright, I was a little discouraged this last week and nervous for this week but i absolutely love the quote you sent me from Richard G Scott it fits in perfectly! Thank you for that! 
(The quote: "Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more. He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion which polish you for your everlasting benefit." [Richard G. Scott, "Trust in the Lord" October 1995 General Conference])
Our week was pretty normal nothing really gnarly happened. We had a couple pretty cool things happen. We had a talent show here in the branch and it was pretty sweet. When we got there they didn't have any power haha they finally got this sketchy generator running and thats what we ran the power off of. So sometimes it cut out and the talent show was a mix of light and phone flashlights haa! We got to participate in the talent show of course, we didn't prepare anything as missionaries but were in a couple acts.
Also we had two pretty cool lessons this week. One is because it was raining really hard and they have a loud roof so we basically yelled at them. If not they could hear us ha! 
The other cool lesson is we were teaching a lady and she was giving us food. She gave us hot chocolate kinda, and she said that she was going to drink coffee and right there on the spot we taught Word of Wisdom and she ended up not drinking it and we took the rest of her coffee with us! It was super that she just gave it all up right there.
Today like i said we went up in the mountains. It was awesome we just walked up and took pictures! It was beautiful! We had lunch in a little house up there, this really nice lady made a delicious lunch and we just chilled there for awhile! I will send pictures!
Lunch break in the mountains of Manizales
Manizales, Colombia
Other than that the week was pretty normal. Like i said last week i was a little down in the dumps ha and i was reading about faith when i found this scripture in Ether 12:6 
 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

It made me think a lot (and now especially with your quote) that we have trials in our lives for a reason. Not only so we can grow as people but to test our faith. Like it says here we have to have these trials in order to increase our faith. 
Other than that i don't have a whole lot to say! 
I love you guys!! Have a great week! The church is true!
Elder Wadley

Thursday, November 19, 2015

First Door Slam to the Face, Dreaming in Spanish, and a Transvestite Haircut

Elder Wadley's last two e-mails were sent to me while I ran away to Hawaii (alone!) to spend some time with my sister Hollie. When I try to blog from my iPad, it formats weird, so I waited until I was home. I fly stand-by, and getting home took a bit longer. Okay, maybe I just decided to was 85 there, and 30 at home. I watch the weather in Manizales where Elder Wadley is serving. The weather is a little cooler there, averaging around 70, and a good amount of rain lately.
Here is last week's e-mail:
Hey haha hows Hawaii? Two times in Hawaii without me huh? Ha i hope you are having fun!
My week wasn't a whole lot of interesting! I have been sick basically all week which has been fun! Nothing too serious headaches and a cold really, but i am better now! 
My week went pretty normal nothing really interesting happened um we went to the farm again this week to visit Gustavo and i love going up there it is really pretty and i don't know i just really like it! It is away from everything. We also went to a couple of members houses to give them letters of some sort and one lady got really mad, and for the first time in my mission i got a door slammed in my face! So i am pretty pumped about that! Um there wasn't much else it was a pretty normal week. We had some pretty good lessons this week and put some baptismal dates which is awesome! I am super excited for these people! 
Oh we also got a new gringo here in the zone, Elder King. Super nice dude! He is from Bountiful, but we got to talk for a little bit which was cool. Um i don't really have a whole lot to say. Let me know if there is anything you want to know and i will be glad to tell you:) 
1- (Hollie wants to know if you have had the pleasure of a good old South American pants sharting?)Personally i have not had the experience of South American sharting sorry hah! 
2- (Have you had to hide bad food from members yet?) No i have never had to hide food:)
3-(Do you guys do anything when you hit your one year mark? Like burn ties?) One time we ordered pizza.
4-(Any miracles or tender mercies this week?) Oh this week i have noticed the blessings in my life that the gospel has given me. A ton that i have taken for granted my whole life. I was super lucky to grow up in a home that is part of our church and for growing up in the gospel with my whole family. I have seen a lot of broken families here and i just want to express how grateful i am for that.
5-(Who cuts your hair? I know that is random- but do you go to a place or a member?) Its random haha whoever is open, last week i got my haircut by a tranny....... interesting experience...
Anyways i don't have a ton this week! I love you guys!! Have a great week!
Elder Wadley
And this is this week's email:
Well first off sorry you are "stuck" in Hawaii haha! Tell Grandpa that i said hi and Hollie as well!
My week was pretty normal nothing really happened. 
Last Monday we played soccer with some investigators and not going to brag but i scored a goal haha only one!
Other than that the leaders had a meeting in Medellin so Elder King was with us for like three days really nothing interesting happened this week sorry. 
I found a cool scripture this week though in D&C 38:40.
 D&C 38:40 And again, I say unto you, I give unto you a commandment, that every man, both elder, priest, teacher, and also member, go to with his might, with the labor of his hands, to prepare and accomplish the things which I have commanded.
 41 And let your preaching be the warning voice, every man to his neighbor, in mildness and in meekness.
It says that basically everybody needs to help with what the Lord has commanded. It is not just the work of the missionaries but of everybody.
I had been looking for a scripture this week to help motivate the members to help us out. Most of the time the members think that it is just work for the missionaries but really it is better when everybody works together. 
I have been reading a lot lately and learning a lot-which sounds weird especially if you knew me before the mission haha. It has been really good though i am really enjoying it! 
There are a lot of things i still need to work on and stuff that i am doing pretty good. Sorry these last couple of weeks haven't been very good writing wise. 
1-(I assume your companion now does not speak English. Is he interested in learning? Have you taught him any English phrases?)He is a little bit interested and i am teaching him a little bit.
2-(I haven't asked how your Spanish is lately. Do you feel fluent now? Have you had any dreams in Spanish yet?) I don't think i speak very good and i don't think i am fluent but i am trying. I have had a couple dreams in Spanish.
3- (You are getting closer to one year down. Do you feel like it is going faster than you thought?)Time is freaking flying by- it scares me. I heard once you hit one year it gets worse also!
4-(Any miracles? Tender mercies?)This week i haven't noticed anything really big.
5-(I would still love some photos of your apartment now- and your street. Just regular stuff. It is fun for us to see how you live there.)Oh yeah  ha i want to send some photos but this computer kinda sucks i will try anyways:)
Again sorry i haven't had to much to say. I love you!! Have a great week!
Elder Wadley
No photos for two weeks! I will give him a pass, because I was in Hawaii. Next week I am going to shamelessly beg to see his face. :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Who Needs a Ladder?

Another week down. Elder Jayden is doing great, and always amazes me with how upbeat he always is. I have yet to receive an email with something negative. Maybe living at home, with us, has been holding him back all these years! All I know, is that sending a boy on a mission (once you get past the rough first couple of months) is the best kept secret of the church. He is learning the value of selfless service and genuine gratitude. At 19. Here is Elder Wadley's email this week:
Hey sorry that last week i didn't have very much time, this week i am not as crunched for time. Happy (late) Halloween! My Halloween wasn't very interesting either haha i barely got to see any costumes. I did get three pieces of candy though!;)
My week was pretty good though!
Elder Wadley and his companion,  Elder Pacaya from Peru
Monday: We had our zone meeting in the morning which went really good! We had the rest of the day to do whatever as well which was nice! After the meeting we had a Brazilian lunch because we have two people from Brazil in our zone and one of them made us all lunch and it was super good! Towards the end of the night we went and played soccer with a couple of our investigators and it was really fun!
Tuesday:normal day ha
Wednesday: We had an intercambio with Olivera and it went pretty good! We had a normal day of teaching and all that good stuff and at the end of the night we helped a less active family move houses! We got to do a little move service thus week than normal which was pretty nice! 
Thursday: Ha Thursday i got to share all the candy you mailed me with a couple people and they absolutely loved it! Everyone thought the cracked pepper sunflower seeds were a little weird but ended up liking them as well ha! 
Friday:Was a pretty normal day
Saturday: We had another opportunity to serve. We went to a members house to help them build a second floor on their house. It was pretty fun! Ha the cool part is i could put in all these metal poles by myself because i am tall haha they were all on chairs and everything. Oh i also broke a ladder haha!
It looks pretty professional and stable to me. :/
Sunday:Was a pretty normal day it rained really hard .
My week wasn't anything to special but i really enjoyed it! 
Now to answer your questions
1-(Do you have seasons there? Or is it just hot and hotter?)There are not really seasons here it is the same weather all year round
2-(What do you do for p-days in your new area? Are there any cool things to see? I loved the pictures of the farm! That is exactly how I picture Colombia to look in my head- except that it is a marijuana farm. Lol.)We haven't really done anything lately today we might go do something today haha but i am not really sure:)
3-(Do you guys get callings in your branch? Do they have branch activities?)We are called as missionaries haha. There are activities but we are never invited:(
4-(What kinds of things have you been eating? Do you cook much?)Been eating rice haha and bread ha. I havent cooked a whole lot
5-(Do girls in Colombia shave their armpits or legs? Not that you should notice the ladies...)In the coast they dont really but everywhere else they do
6- (Any miracles or tender mercies this week?)I have been noticing a lot of things lately that i am super grateful for! A lot of things hah:)
Well family i love you guys! Good luck with your languages (Mikayla and I are learning Spanish, Brendan is studying German, Sam started Italian, and Shayne is trying out French. Duolingo, friends! It is the best!) and have a great week!
Elder Wadley