Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Finding a Surprise Testimony

Man. I am late posting this week. We went out of town for Moab Easter Jeep Safari. This is a family tradition that Jayden always loved. It seems surreal to think that next year- he will be with us again for safari!
Things have been crazy around here. Our second oldest sent his mission papers in, and we have been stalking the mailbox! I am thinking his call will come tomorrow.
Elder Jayden hit 13 months this week. 11 months to go!
No photos this week. Again. Does anyone have any suggestions for prying those out of him? At least it makes it easy for me to keep his mission scrapbook current, since I have nothing to add to it. :/
Since occasionally Elder Wadley pops on this blog and reads it, maybe I will just start posting embarrassing photos of him until he sends me some. I have plenty of material for this plan. Let's start with this gem. Elder Wadley is in the center. His BROTHERS are on both sides. They REQUESTED to put these outfits on so they could dance with my girls to my Nutcracker CD.
Here is the email from Elder Sugarplum Fairy this week.
So this week went good! I had some really cool experiences and we have been leaving to teach a lot lately haha we get kinda bored in the office sometimes and leave early. I am somewhat caught up on my work which is good!
This week has been Holy week (Semana Santa) where it is basically a week where they have a bunch of catholic traditions that they do around here so a lot of stuff has been closed and there hasnt been a whole lot of stuff we can do. A lot of people don't work this week and so they travel and visit family and stuff like that. For example the office building where we work has been completely empty the last couple days.
I had a really cool experience the other day! I left with Elder Flores and Elder Allen to go and teach a couple lessons that went pretty good! We were teaching one lesson and at the end i shared the experience about going to the temple and baptizing the name from our family (when we did the whole "look for the name and take it to the temple challenge" in our ward/stake) and i felt the spirit really strong. I thought it was cool because it was a testimony that i didn't even know that i had! I think that it is really cool that i got the opportunity to share that experience and discover that testimony. 
Other than that though there were a couple other little things but nothing to crazy. Life is going good and i am enjoying every little minute i have here! It is crazy how fast the time is going by!
I am trying to get better at a lot of things, i still feel like there is so much i can learn and i need to apply myself a little bit more to achieve that. Also i don't know if half my email is spelled right haha i cant spell at all anymore. I might need someone to translate my emails haha!
Well i love you guys! I hope you had an awesome week in Moab!
Elder Wadley

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