Monday, March 14, 2016

"I also got tazed this week haha! Super rad!" -Elder Wadley

I finally got a couple of pictures this week! Woohoo! The drought is over!
Here is Elder Wadley's weekly update:
Well my week has been pretty interesting as well and kinda busy. This last week is what we call transfers week. Basically we have a bunch of people switching areas and other people finishing the mission and people starting the mission so we had to facilitate all that this week. It went good though and everybody did a really good job! All that stuff took quite awhile to set up though and was a little bit stressful for everybody. But looking back it went really well!
Other than that Elder Opheikens and Elder Cruz left the office this week, they got done training their replacements and went back into the field. Honestly super excited for both of them they are really good missionaries and have been here for a long time and deserve to just go out and preach even though i will miss them i am happy for them. 
The day before they left the president invited all of us over for a small BBQ with him and his family. He has a daughter that left on Thursday to BYU. OH! She is probably going to go to the house to drop off a little box for you guys, nothing special just something little. The BBQ was cool, its one of the best parts about being here in the office is being so close to the president all of the time. He and his family are amazing people! 
OH and the best news!!! On Thursday Krispy Kreme opened!! And the presidents wife, (like i said they are nice people) went early in the morning to buy us some. She bought like 4 boxes to the office and it tasted amazing! I have already eaten over a dozen! 
Other that not a whole lot happened because of all the transfer stuff we didn't have much time to go out and teach.
I also got tazed this week haha! Super rad! 
Anyways that was about my week! 
Also got my bingo candy this week!:)
(I mailed him General Conference bingo candy on the 26th, and that package already got to him!)
Elder Wadley
Elder Wadley, Elder Flores in sugar comas.
BBQ with President and Sister Calderón
Now that Jayden is in the office, I catch him online on his Saturday p-days, and we chat back and forth. So the first thing I wanted to clear up with him was the "I got tazed" thing! What a dork!
Yeah we have a tazer in the house and i told Elder Opheikens to taze me because i wanted to know what it felt like!
We chatted for a bit about the President's daughter, hopefully we can go grab her for dinner and bowling while she is here at BYU. It would be nice for me to be able to pay it forward while her mom is supplying my boy with donuts.

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