Tuesday, February 2, 2016

La Granja AKA La Dead Animal Habitat

Elder Wadley was transferred this week to another area, and has a new companion. I was anxious to see where he was going. It appears he is back on the coast of Colombia, he said in his letter to Sam that his area is called La Granja. He has spent the past few month in the mountains and it has been nice and cool. He is back on the surface of the sun, but his attitude is pretty great.
I got after him a little bit this past week because he has not been taking hardly any pictures, and I feel like he will want to have them later when this adventure is over. Photos are always so wonderful for your memory. He sent pictures this e-mail, but not one blessed photo of his face. He is definitely back on the coast, where it appears that conditions are not very suitable for animals and reptiles. He is back to his old antics- sending me gross photos of dead things. Here is his e-mail this week. Brace yourself for the closing photos. And be jealous of me.
Well first off i am back in the heat haha! It doesn't seem as hot as the last time i was here.
I was really bummed to leave my other area i was really loving it over there! It was kinda hard to leave but as dad always says "change is good." And it is! This transfer has been pretty weird so far but it has been good! 
I left Manizales and went to Medellin where i stayed in a little house where all the missionaries stay when there are transfers. I met up with some old friends and met some new people. We chilled there all day and ate a lot of food! That's one of the best parts about transfers is that there is a lot of food in the house. 
The next day we took a 12 hour bus ride to MonterĂ­a. The cool thing is that my old comp Elder Anderson was going to MonterĂ­a again so we sat by each other and talked for awhile. It was super good to see him! We are going to be meeting up one of these P days to go and visit our old area and visit our converts! 
My new area is big and i have only been there including today: two whole days. I got here last Wednesday and had one day of work and then we got a call from the ZLs saying we had to do intercambios for three days. What happened is my new comp has some problems with his thumb and had to go to the hospital and the ZL had to be with him for three days. All is good now though and i am with my comp. 
"We have to cross in a boat to get to our area."
My new comp is Elder Robison! He is from Logan! He is a super good dude! Super nice and i am freaking pumped to work with him! I don't have a photo with him yet because we haven't been together but i will take some this week i promise.
Other than that the week has been pretty normal. I am loving the food here from the  coast it is the best! I missed a lot of things from here! 
Other than that thats about all that has happened this week! Nothing too crazy!
I will send some photos as well! I love you guys!
Elder Wadley
PS I am back to the coast and back to dead things!!
The sad thing is that i saw even more dead things this same day ahaha so much crap!!!
I don't know what is going on here. Is this thing still walking around with no face? Or did Jayden PICK IT UP FOR THE PHOTO? Please no. #handsanitizer
Dog? Giant Rat? Did he open the bag for this? I am SO LUCKY.
How I feel on the regular. This just might be my Colombian spirit animal.

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