Sunday, February 21, 2016

Elder Wadley Gets a Pedicure

Here is the weekly update from Elder Wadley:
Well i will let you know i just got done getting a pedicure to get my ingrown toenail removed and my feet feel like a million dollars!
Gross. I'd rather have the dead animal pictures.
Anyways other than that this week has been super normal. We have been putting down goals this week so we can go and teach more and do some other stuff during the day and the week. So far we have been doing pretty good and have been able to teach a lot and get a lot of work done which is good! 
We also had a ward activity this week, it was a big family home evening and it went really well. There was a decent amount of people that showed up and everything ran pretty smooth.
Anyways i am glad you had a good time in Hawaii and that you were able to go to the temple as a family thats freaking awesome! I miss going to the temple and feeling the peace that is there. It will be cool to be able to go again when i get back! 
Oh i got your valentines package this week if that kinda gives you an idea of how long they take to get here. 
Glad you are all happy and safe! I love you guys lots! Have a great week!
Elder Wadley
I caught him online and made fun of him for getting a pedicure. I think I called him a "Pretty, pretty Princess." He didn't even care because he said it felt so good. HAHA!
I asked him if he needed me to mail him out some toenail polish or some face cream.
He declined.
He sent me this view of the city of Medellin from the office that he is working in now.
Medellin, Colombia
I haven't seen his face for a while. I gently reminded him that "I HAD A C-SECTION FOR YOU" so hopefully next week.
I am just happy that he is happy.
And healthy.
And has pretty feet now.


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