Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Tender Mercy for the Week

One of my responsibilities in our church is putting together the ward newsletter.
I have a terrible attitude because no one sends me the information until the last minute. My Saturday's are as busy as anyone else's and I hate scrambling for the material for the newsletter. Needless to say, my attitude today was crap.
I was working on it, on my computer, and my cute missionary chimed in. (??)
He made an emergency transfer and his P-Day changed to Saturday as a result. I would have been so sad to have missed him this week. Because of the timing of the stupid newsletter I caught him online.

You guys- I have a testimony that the Lord knows what we need. He is aware of us. Even something as silly as a mom that needed to hear from her boy. His timing is perfect.

Here is Elder Wadley's e-mail and our little back and forth chat:
Hey sorry to screw things up a little bit but this week i was in the house on the coast and we had just finished our planning and i went to take a shower and while i was showering the ZLs busted into our house and then into the shower and told me i was leaving. So i had to pack up all my crap and take a bus back to Medellin.
It was super weird because i traveled alone and i don't know it just seemed weird. 
So i am here in Medellin now and they changed my P-day to Saturday. So you will be hearing from me every Saturday not Monday, sorry. 
So this week went a little crazy because of this whole transfer thing and the change but it has been pretty good! i hope you enjoyed the one week of dead animal pics because you are not going to see those for awhile. 
Other than that i got to work in my last area a little bit before i left and it was really cool! I was honestly really excited to be able to work and learn that area, but the Lord has other plans for me. We will see what he has in store for me here! 
Medellin is beautiful though i really do like it! The weather is just about perfect! 
I have a picture of me with Elder Bigelow, his comp, and my comp that i will send to you also a typical coast dish :)
Anyways sorry about the change! Love you guys!! Talk to you next Saturday!
WHAT THE HECK!!!! HI!!! I am sorry I didn't write you! I am sure your mission president appreciates you being flexible like this. And yes, things always happen for a reason! What a fun surprise! :) :) Who is your companion now then? And why the heck did they crash in on you in the shower??!! AWKWARD. If you are in Medellin, see if you can get a P-Day out to see that staircase mountain? I think it was close to Medellin.
Love you! Have a great week!
And yeah, that transfer was weird and weird that you traveled alone. I guess they figure you tower over anyone who would try to harass you. lol.
The rock/mountain thing is pretty far away i am sure but whatevs.
My comp is Elder Mackinlay y Elder Gerber. Cool dudes!

Do you have TWO comps? I am so confused.What happened to your last comp? Does he have someone else? Are you training? This is so weird. What a weird transfer. And bummer you had to pack up twice. lol So your p-day will be Saturday from now until the next transfer, or just this time?
So Elder Robison went to a different area in the coast with another Elder that had his comp go home.
Elder Mackinlay is going home pretty soon and thats why we are in a trio. 
My P-days will be on Saturday for the next little while:)
Are you training the other elder? is he new? It is good to see Bigelow!
No i am not training they both have more time than i have. Hey i am out for a little while love you lots mom!! Take care! Tell everyone i said hi and that i write on Saturdays now!! Gracias!
Elder Wadley, Elder Bigelow, Elder ?, Elder Dawson

Colombian food. Rice, some type of local fish, and I am guessing plantains.

And just like that, he was gone.
And I finished the newsletter with a better attitude. :)

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