Monday, December 7, 2015

Normal Week in Colombia :)

This week both Elder Wadley and I exchanged pretty short e-mails. It has been a busy week, but I really didn't do anything? Do you ever feel that way? Like you spend a lot of time spinning your wheels without accomplishing much? These weeks make me feel grateful. For a boring week, with no challenges or trials.
Here are Elder Wadley's words for the week:
I am doing good i dont really need anything- i am doing just fine. Life is going pretty good here we are trying to find more people to teach but that's about it. We have found a couple of people but nothing really too crazy. 
It is super weird to hear that Shianne and Shayne are going on dates. Creeps me out a little bit honestly. 
Anyways holy crap haha we are in December! I have no idea where the time has gone! And this week went by so freaking fast i can't even believe it! 
Nothing really interesting happened this week. Like i said we are trying to find new people to teach. Everyone we had were kinda struggling so we have to move on and we don't really have anybody else, yet. We have found a couple people that seem awesome!! I am super pumped about that! 
Basically our week was: we got our money on Monday and i took out my reserve fund and we bought a bunch of food to eat during these next two weeks which is awesome! We also ate at McDonalds which was cool. Other than that we had a couple other things happen this week:) 
We went up to the farm again! We went and visited good ol Gustavo! It is amazing up there you can see all the clouds settling in over the city and everything it is sweet!
Other than that we saw the Christmas Devotional yesterday and it was good. I have never seen one before this and i really enjoyed it! 
Oh i ate a big fat hamburger this week and it tasted awesome!! I dont know what is really happening to me haha changing! (Prior to his mission, Jayden refused to even touch hamburgers? Who does that?)
Nah but our week went by super fast haha! Everyone is putting up Christmas lights here and from above you can see all of them blinking it is really cool! 
Well i dont really have a whole lot this week, pictures or anything sorry. Next week i will have better stuff:)
Las Preguntas.
1- (When are the next transfers?)The 14th of December
2- (Who is in your teaching pool? Any new prospects?) Finding new people:)
3- (Are you getting along with your companion?)Yeah we get along really well:)
4- (How is your health?) Health is fine:)
5- (Did those McDonald coupons work out? Jajaja (I laugh in Spanish now))Poop yeah they worked!!
6- (Do you guys cook? What do you have to eat? Breakfast? Lunch? What is a typical dinner?)I have been cooking pancakes and french toast. The other day i found Kraft MAc and Cheese and we ate that:)
7- (How do you wash your clothes in this area? Bucket? Lavadora?) We have a member wash our clothes:) Sometimes we wash in bucket though;)
8- (Do you have a meeting houses in your area? How big is the ward/branch?) We have a normal church building:)
9- (What are you looking forward to this week?) To put some baptsmal dates! And have progressing investigators!
Anyway this is all i have for this week sorry its not much! I love you and will talk to you later!:)
Elder Wadley

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