Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Elder Wadley's Testimony in Spanish

The week before Christmas Elder Wadley and I discussed when he would call for Christmas. We decided it would be easier for everyone if he just shot me a quick e-mail before he planned on hopping onto Skype to call us. So Christmas Day came- and I carried my phone around like a prescription oxygen tank.
Finally, when things were winding down at home (4:18 pm here- 6:18 pm in Colombia) an e-mail chimed in! Sam set up his laptop, and this cute avatar popped up:
We were able to Skype with Elder Wadley for just over an hour.
I asked him to bear his testimony in Spanish. He still doesn't think that his Spanish is very good, "I still have so much to learn" but I think it is pretty awesome. He hit his ten month mark on Christmas Day. (This is the first time I have uploaded a video, not sure it is going to work on all devices.)

He talked about his apartment getting robbed (!!), ripping the butt out of his pants (and getting them stitched back up) THROW THEM AWAY ALREADY! "Mom, I still have clothes I haven't even used- I brought way too much..." Boys are so weird.
When we hung up, it wasn't as gut wrenching as his call on Mother's Day. I think because he is so happy now, and doesn't "need" us as much. I still cried. He felt so close, and when he hit "end" and the screen went blank, all 3,500 miles were between us again.

We got an e-mail the following Monday- it was short since we had just spoken.
Well i dont have a ton to say this week.
It was really good to see you guys and talk for a little bit! I loved it! 
Um this email is going to be pretty short and lame ha! 
I have pictures to send but had to charge the batteries to my camera so i dont 
have my camera either ha! 
For Christmas we spent the day as a zone. Everyone was talking with their
families and we played soccer,watched movies, and ate food. 
We did a secret Santa thing that was pretty funny. The day went pretty normal.
There was an apartment that caught on fire near the church but that was about the only 
thing interesting that happened.
Anyways sorry this email is lame but i love you! Have a great new year!!!
Elder Wadley
Feliz Navidad de Colombia!
My heart is full.

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