Monday, August 24, 2015

No Water, No Power, (No Photos :( ), No Worries!

This week our email exchange was short on both sides. Life was kind of crazy this week for me with the rest of the kids going back to school. It makes me happy that his email was short too because it means that he is busy as well. I asked him where he was on his Spanish and this was what he said "I am a little more confident and can communicate. it isn't perfect i still have a lot to learn but it is better!"  This further explains why his e-mails are getting shorter. Now that he can communicate it really opens up the work for him. Here is his e-mail this week. He did not send any photos this week either. I will just have to rely on ones that I have here. It's been six months since I have had a really good "Jayden" hug. I miss his hugs the most- he was a hugger.

Wow you are old, canning mom?.... I honestly don't even know what to say ha. I guess as long as you are doing something that you like. I can't believe that Bailey is home already that flew by!! Tell her i said hi! Oh and whats with all these people growing up? Getting married? That's weird i don't feel like we are old enough to be getting married already thats freaking nuts! Everyone is growing up it is really weird.
Everything around here is normal nothing really interesting happened. 
My weekly recap isn't going to be very long because not a whole lot of interesting things happened this last week:
Monday- Last Monday we went to McDonalds and got something to eat. It is sad that i have to say we went to McDonalds like it is a 4 star restaurant. While we were there we met a guy from Florida that spoke English and everything. We talked to him for a little bit and kinda told him what we do and all that it was pretty cool.
Oh man this is going to be really short because the rest of the week was normal we just had a normal week of teaching and nothing really crazy or interesting happened. On Thursday and throughout the rest of the week we had no water in the house so we had to shower with bags of water and thats quite an experience ha. Basically you bite a hole in the bag and spray yourself down:) Also another problem we had with the house is the power. The power went out Friday night for the whole night and we didn't sleep worth poo. Oh we were sweating so bad. I felt bad for Elder Aust it was his like second week here and he literally woke up in puddle of sweat, it was so bad. No worries though we have water and power and everything now!:) Sure makes you realize what you take for granted though.
The only thing cool about this week is this old less active we found, Hermano Pupi. He is like 88 years old and just a cool old dude. Other than that is was a really normal week. 
Sorry that it was really short, really nothing cool has happened this week. Also i want to apologize for the lack of dead things in my emails but there hasn't been much of that either. 
The questions I asked this week:
1- what is your area like? Is it mostly a city/town or are there mountains or is it near a beach or anything? Is there anything cool to see around you on pday other than the mall?
2- I thought you got a washing machine? What happened to it?
3- I would like to hear one story of a miracle you have witnessed.
4- any service this week?
5- are our seasons the same? Is it cooling down at all?
6- do you need anything? How is your health? (I feel like I am always going to ask those two questions forever because I am your mom! Sorry!)
1- My area is pretty flat. We have like hills off in the distance and the beach is like 45 minutes away in bus i think. It is like a small town.
2- We rent the machines from members.
3-Miracle, well nothing really huge but there have been billions of little ones. For example one of the ones i have noticed recently is this is really the work of the Lord and He is here to help us. Sometimes we will be struggling to find a new person to teach and then some random person walks up and starts talking to us or we get a referral ( No idea how to spell that) from somebody. He is always there to help us and is always looking out for us!
4- We haven't done any service, i keep offering to do some but nobody takes me seriously.
5-The weather is about the same all year round.
6- Everything is good!!:)
This is my short lame email! I Promise next week will be better! I love you! Let me know if there is anything you want or need! Have a great week!
Elder Wadley

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