Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Puking Cats, Drunks, and Street Meat

This week was excellent timing for P-Day, it fell on my birthday and literally nothing is a better gift to a missionary mom than hearing from your missionary! I love my other kids too, don't get me wrong- you just miss the one that is out of the nest.
When Jayden left, I was walking through Deseret Book, and I was struck by this painting of chickens of all things.
The artist is Liz Lemon Swindle. It hit me on such a personal level. My first chick was escaping the reach of my big fat wings- and I didn't realize how hard that is to let this happen. But, we don't experience growth unless we leave our comfort zones. For as hard as it is- the joy of watching the growth is worth it. I am sure, on a much deeper level, this is what the Lord feels when He boots us into mortality.
I dropped the cash that day, and the painting came home with me. I don't normally impulse buy like that, but just look at the panicky desperation on the face of that chicken!
Mama chicken, you "get" me.
Here is Elder Wadley's email this week:
Hey!! Happy Birthday MOM!! I cant believe you turned 29 already that's crazy!!
It is good to hear that everyone is doing good and that you are all enjoying yourselves! It always makes me happy to hear that my family is doing good! 
It is weird to think that Colton and Bailey are back it seems like they didn't leave all that long ago!
Nothing really too weird happened this week.
Basically has been a normal week here just full of teaching and visiting people. There are a couple things that happened this week which have been good. Me and my comp have had some really good lessons lately, just back and forth perfect lessons. It was cool to see that we are able to switch off and have good lessons like that. 
One of the lessons we had this week was nuts haha! We were teaching a less active family and we were getting towards the end of the lesson when their cat started making really weird sounds. We all kinda stopped and looked at what the poop it was doing and then it puked everywhere! Like a huge pile of puke and it stunk super bad so we finished with a prayer and got the poop out of there! Other than that the week was normal we had a couple good days and a couple not so good days. 
The other Elders in Edmundo Lopez lost their phone so now they have our phone and it really sucks not being able to call people for stuff. Like this morning we couldn't call to have the person pick up our washing machines so we had to carry them down the street. Other than that the week has just been normal, hot and a little bit hotter. 
I have no idea really what else to say, sorry my emails are short. We are planning to have some baptisms hopefully pretty soon! 
The question and answer part:
1(1- Was it hard for you to give up your electronics and social media? How did you help yourself to do it? Do you miss it?)-Giving up electronics wasn't really that hard. There are some times where it would make some good Instagram moments but other than that it wasn't very hard.
2-(What kinds of things do you do on Sundays?) On Sundays we go to Ward Council and then church. Once we are done with church we go and visit people like any other day.
3- (Have you seen any miracles this week?) Miracles, Same as last week really that The Lord puts people in our path to teach. That and the fact that me and my comp are having good lessons together.
4-(How is your Spanish? Your health? (My usual questions! :) )) Getting better i think:) Its all good!
5- (How are your clothes/shoes holding up?) Well i got my package today! I got my Shoe Goo so these shoes will last until the end of the mish;)
6- (What have you been doing on P-Days?) Sweating:)
7- (Have you done any service? You said you offer and people don't take you serious. Sometimes you need to just force service on people! HA!) Still nothing i actually even tried forcing it on some people but nothing.
Anyways i think this is all i love you and i miss you!! Have a great week!!
Elder Wadley
Elder Anderson and Elder Wadley eating questionable looking "street meat" Photo stolen from Elder Anderson's mom.
Jayden and some fish. Oh my. I am missing his regular dead things photos. This is....ugh.

Jayden and "his favorite drunk." 

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