Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Elder Wadley, Here's a Skin Disease!

Today is Elder Wadley's 19th birthday!
I have had other missionary mom's tell me that the times when you miss them the most, God throws a tender mercy into your life to ease the ache.
It is not a coincidence that his birthday fell on a Monday- which is his P-Day and I caught him online for a minute. This is not the same thing as a giant hug, but it is better than complete silence on the first birthday I haven't been there for.
"Here is my birthday ding dong and candle"

You guys. This email. I know I am emotional anyway, but I am so happy for many reasons. 19 years ago today I had a c-section for this boy- and today? Today is my payback.
Well dang haha thanks for your email mom! I loved it, kinda depressing but super awesome! Oh and no matter how old i am i will always need you in my life! That will never change! I also don't think i will ever become a man either ha i am super immature;) Really thank you for all your help in my life i have learned so much from you and i don't think i will ever stop learning from you mom! I love you and thank you for everything you have ever done for me and all the stuff you continue to do for me!
The selfie with the missionaries totally sucks haha! No but i am glad you are helping them out, lessons are sooooo much better when you have a member there to help testify. 
Oh by the way i totally got a couple of things this week, two letters from grandma bonnie and a pkg of homemade suckers!! 
Anyways here is what my week kinda consisted of-
Monday- After we got done writing we had a zone activity at the church and played soccer as a zone it was super fun i totally blow at soccer though! Other than that we had a zone meeting so i got to chill with everybody. The zone leaders talked about some really good stuff and really we have been told some really great things this week that make me want to change up some stuff a little bit.
Tuesday- Nothing interesting happened on Tuesday we began to work again and started to find less actives to work with.
Wednesday- We met our mission president! We had a conference with him! I didn't take any pictures though, sorry. He is an awesome dude, super short but really good! He talked about a ton of great stuff that like i said make me want to change a little bit. Now that i can understand a lot more the meetings mean a lot more also! In the last meeting with our old president i couldn't understand a whole lot so i didn't get much out of it but this meeting i did. Anyways it was a super powerful meeting and he did a really good job. When we got done we went to the ward activity and watched a movie.
Thursday- Was pretty lame we went in the morning to do a bunch of marriage papers and they area a pain in the butt. When we got back we didn't have any lunch so we made our own and i just ate eggs. Six of them to be exact. Then we had to re-do a couple of things for the pres in our house and stuff and once that was all done we went out and taught.
Friday- We had our interviews with the new Pres and his wife. The went really good, i was actually able to talk a little more in these interviews so it was cool. President wants me to tell you guys thanks. He says thanks for raising me to be a good kid. When we got out of our interviews it was freaking hot and it has been hot until today.
Saturday- Okay Saturday was pretty awesome and i will tell you why.. So first off i was studying that i totally did not understand in Spanish and it clicked within 5 minutes it was awesome! I am starting to pick up things a lot faster now but it still is a pain in the butt and i still struggle applying them when i speak but i am learning! YAY! Also i gave my first blessing in Spanish! It was the coolest experience of my life. The spirit was so strong i felt like i couldn't even stand like it was honestly so amazing! God helped me out big time with it oh my gosh i cant even tell you how cool it was! 
Sunday- We got some baptismal dates set and we will see what happens there but Sunday wasn't very interesting either.
I think that is all i have for now. Please let me know if you have any questions! I love you! I miss you tons! Thank you for everything!
Elder Wadley

 He sent a picture of his chest. I cropped this picture in to show the good stuff.
"This is my disease i am getting haha its going away oh not to mention my sweet missionary tan. Probs shouldnt post that one but i wanted to show you anyway"
Here is our conversation:
"WHAT disease??!! What the heck? Did you throw tea tree oil on it?
And it looks like someone has been doing push-ups?"
"No i have just been getting fat. The disease just comes with sweat and heat no worries"
"Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal. You have it in your medicine bag. Mix it with something else though- its pretty potent. It will work on that for sure. What are you doing for your birthday!!!"
"We are going to the mall and i am going to buy everyone yogurt:)"

I've loved this boy for nineteen years. Skin disease and all.
Happy P-Day, B-Day, Elder Jayden.

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