Monday, July 6, 2015

A Colombian 4th of July

This was my first "panic" missionary Monday. I usually hear from Elder Wadley late morning- around 8:30 my time. Around 2pm I messaged Jayden's companion's mom on Facebook (how cool is technology sometimes?) and said "Nan Anderson- have you heard from the boys? This is really late for Elder Wadley- I hope they are out on an adventure and not stuck in a poo canal." A short time later I got the email from Jayden. I had to laugh at my choice of words to Elder Anderson's mom.
First off i totally miss fireworks on the fourth! It was totally lame without them! We did have a dope celebration that i will tell you about in a little bit! Where the crap is Barbados? Tell him i said congrats!! I cant even imagine Mikayla being as tall as you i honestly don't believe it! But its super cool that everyone is doing good! It is also nice to see they are cleaning up the "Ghettos" a little bit!;) Official road signs! That is awesome! Hey sorry i am sending this email late, we had some stuff to do today. Here is what my week has consisted of, and honestly it was not that interesting.
Monday- So last Pday after we got done writing the family Elder Anderson and I went back to the house but i totally forgot to grab the keys and the phone off the desk so we couldn't get in to the house or call the zone leaders. So we went back to the internet and got a fudge recipe that we were going to try out later.
Tuesday- We did our laundry on Tuesday because we didn't have time before the meeting on Monday because we couldn't get into the house ha! We got our money for the next two weeks on Tuesday and went to the Exito to but stuff for the week! When we got back we dropped our stuff off in the house and started walking towards lunch. The people we had lunch with lived clear out in the booneys! We went a way that would have been faster but since they started cleaning the poo pits there wasn't a bridge. So we started walking along the poop canals and my comp totally sunk into poop sludge and his shoe was stuck really bad in this sludge and when he pulled it out he got it all over his hands. It was super gross and black and it was really stinky.
Wednesday- 1st of July! Holy cow i can't believe we are in July already!! It is crazy i still feel like it is May or something. On Wednesday we had an intercambio and i was in my area and it was fine just a normal kinda day, we taught and walked really. I totally shined my shoes that morning and you couldn't even tell by the end of the day!
Thursday- It was boring nothing cool happened.
Friday- Happy 4th! So we had a normal day as far as teaching wise and everything. Except we tried to teach this guy named Alejandro because he never comes to church because he thinks he is too fat, which he is pretty fat but not enough that he can't come to church. But while we were talking with him he got up in the middle of the conversation and left to go sleep, so that was cool. Anyway in the night we celebrated 4th of July! Elder Velasquez was here on an intercambio and so it was Me, Anderson, Velasquez, and Gabbitas. Gabbitas is from England but he wasn't opposed to eating hamburgers with us ha! It was super rad though we just had a lack of fireworks:(
Saturday- Was kinda cool, we went to go and teach Family Puerta but only their daughter was cool. We started to talk to her about a bunch of things and it was really cool when we asked her if she could see the change in Aydee after her baptism, which she said yes. Then she also said she can see a change in her brother, she said that he never liked to read but now he reads the Book of Mormon all the time. I love to see the change in peoples lives that only the Gospel can bring!
Sunday- Well it was fast Sunday so we fasted and well its fasting! So we had church and then went back to the house to load up on water for the day because usually Sundays are freaking hot and you cant buy water on Sundays. But when we got to our first appointment for the day it started raining hardcore! It was awesome it was the first time it has rained in so long! But we taught some lessons and thankfully they were pretty close to each other!
But that is it for this week not a whole lot to say it wasn't that interesting and they are going by faster and faster! It ends up being Saturday and I am like oh crap i haven't taken any pictures this week for my mom. I did realize something though that God is putting me personally through some tests right now basically i realized that these tests are going to help me grow as a missionary and a person. Normally these things are not things that i usually like to do either which sucks but it is good to grow and kinda get out of my shell a little bit. Anyway i think this is about it! I love you! I miss you! I hope you have a great week!
Elder Wadley
Here is me and Anderson chillin

Our fourth of July meal

This is the only picture i have of us on the 4th (which we actually celebrated on the 3rd) 
And there is red on my face because we had 3 cameras with self timers.

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