Monday, July 13, 2015

Normal Missionary Week

This week's letter from Elder Wadley. The work seems to be rolling along! He apologizes when he has a "boring" week like this week- but honestly, from a mom's perspective- no news is always good news. A nice, dull week means he is safe. No attempted robberies, or falling in poo canals. He makes no mention of how his Spanish is progressing. I hope it is getting better! He is hitting his six month mark soon- and that seems to be the turning point for language. I keep praying for him to be able to understand and communicate.
Sounds like you had a pretty fun week! Glad to hear it, it is always good to hear that my family is doing good! That lake house looks freaking sick! Hope you had a wonderful time there! Brendan's and Shayne's hair looks freaking awesome! Say hi to the Sadleirs for me! Nah but everything is going good here! We finally started going to the gym this week and i have been super sore but it has been good! Nothing really new though. Our investigators are doing good, we have a couple problems here and there but nothing crazy. The lavadora buckets are good i actually just got done using that piece of crap. Me and Anderson are doing pretty good, we have our differences as does everyone but we happen to manage it:) Oh and no worries about the whole birthday money thing i don't really want/need anything plus i have money that i have saved that i can use so no worries. Thank you though. I opened my package and haven't done a whole lot with it yet though. Anyway this is how this week went...
Monday: I got a haircut last Monday after i got done writing you guys and then we had our district meeting and it was hardcore pouring rain. It rained a couple times this week which was awesome! Other than that Monday was really boring.
Tuesday: Tuesday was our first official gym day! It was great! We worked hard and i was super sore for the next couple of days, but it felt good to be working out hard in the mornings! We came back home and started an intercambio with the zone leaders, I went with Gabbitas in my area. It was super fun, Elder Gabbitas is a rad guy! We looked like secret agents though it was dope because he has my other pair of glasses so we were almost matching it was sweet. We had a good day though, we taught some good lessons and got caught in the rain together hahaha! No but it did start raining pretty hard on our way to an appointment. Then we finished the night at Gertrudis´s house ( The same place where i skyped ) and she made us food it was super nice of her.
Wednesday: I got really lazy writing in my journal this day. I ended up writing in it on like Friday. I cant even tell you how important it is to write in a journal. Especially for me because i forget everything, and it doesn't help that the days just mesh together here.
Thursday: Nothing interesting really happened, it was just teaching and walking and then we started an intercambio in the night.
Friday: I was in a different area with Elder Esquivel. He is a pretty cool dude, he is from Argentina, recent convert to the church and is super nice! We had a fantastic day ha we taught like a million lessons it was great! We talked a lot about a bunch of different things.
Saturday: Saturday was Andersons birthday! We just had a normal day, nothing really special during the day. In the night we ordered pizza and just kinda chilled it was cool. 
Sunday: Sunday was normal, we had church and everything. The weather was super nice which is good because it totally sucks when it is super hot and you cant buy water on Sundays. We had two really good lessons with the bishop. He came to our appointments in the night. Then we went and talked with a family that we haven't seen for awhile and they are having some pretty gnarly problems. It's honestly really sad. 
But yeah that was my week sorry it was super boring but like i said they all mesh together now haha it all happens so fast! I love you guys and hope you have a wonderful week! I love you guys!! XOXO
"Here are some lame last ditch effort pictures i took:):):)"
Wadley and Anderson

I caught Jayden online and this was our email conversation:

Love you too Mom!
Anything i can do for you? Or anything else you want in my emails?
(Bless his sweet heart.)
are you happy? maybe I am reading too much into this letter, but you seem to be a little sad.
is there anything specific I can pray for, to make things happier for you?
I know the language is a PITA right now- is it getting better?
be patient. study. practice. that is how it is going to click for you.

Yeah i am happy i just miss stuff from home like normal. I am happy though mom:) 
I just want to be good at the language but it will come with time:) And i just want to be a 
good teacher and help people but it is hard and i am not really good at it but also comes 
with time:)
(Oh my heart.) 
Be honest- would you rather not hear about the stuff going on at home? Does it make it harder for you?
I love hearing about it!! It makes my week! 
(Right back atcha, Elder Wadley)

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