Friday, March 6, 2015

At Long Last

Holy cow. For 9 days I have been running my phone battery down refreshing my inbox, waiting for something to come in from Elder Wadley! Today was our day!
My e-mail:
Hey first off i wanted to say sorry! They have a weird schedule for Pdays where it is a ten to four day schedule it is freaking whack! Well the CCM has been a struggle i am constantly frustrated with the language but i am getting things slowly. I have been eating so much rice it is insane! I even ate whta the claimed was a hambuger. Sorry if my spelling sucks the computer is made for spanish and the spanish i am learing screws all my words up so bad plus we only get an hour! the rice and food in general here is alright, they have really nasty soups oh and it is all screwing up my bowels so bad haha! I miss you guys sooooo much it is insane and i miss some of the daily activiteis that i did! I have not cried yet which is good, or i am heartless. It is long days and short nights but it is good! they took our cameras so i probably wont have any pictures untiil the the send a couple to us but nothing really special. We went to the temple this week and it was so weird going through in spanish! I t was super cool though. Here in Bogota there are about a billion cars and it gets super smoggy but the city is pretty cool! There are so many skate spots and a skatepark pretty close to the CCM plus a bunch of kids go skate in the park right next to us! What a tease! I get along with pretty much everyone here! I absolutly slove playing soccer and singing in spanish with the lationos! Overall i am having an amazing time i hoope you are all doing okay! You are always in my prayers ( in spanish;) Love you all i will talk to you on i belive tueday! Love you all! pleas take care of my jeep;)
As a side note- At first the scrapbooker in me was mad that someone TOOK AWAY HIS FREAKING CAMERA! I want pictures! I want to see his room! And his room-mates! (companions), The food! The area! All of it. It is funny, because almost immediately after having negative thoughts about anything pertaining to his mission- I hear in my head a reason for what I am questioning.

These missionaries only have a short time to learn a new language, and everything else they need to learn to become a representative of Jesus Christ. They probably don't need the distractions. And I think back to the photos that Sam took while he was in the MTC, and there are several crappy photos of, well, CRAP. No lie. For some reason it is a thing with those boys to take pictures of truly spectacular bowel accomplishments. I will never understand boys- but given the recurring theme of missionaries- I guess the food at the MTC makes solid toilet activity the stuff of legend. Photos can wait. I don't want to see that!

Sam's e-mail:
Hey man! I Love You! I miss you sooo much everyday! Things are going good! We just recently broke the record 48 hours without rice haha! but yeah tons of rice! The language has been a constant struggle and i have been so frustrated! Everybody here is pretty cool i like them! My comp right now is this 6'foot 5 white guy from Mesa. We get along pretty darn well i really like him! There are quite a bit of people here mostly a lot of lations the cycle every two weeks. I absolutly love playing soccer with them and they are all so cool! Please take care of my jeep haha i miss it and working on it! I miss home tons hah i miss father son bowling time the most hah!It seems like i got here yesterday i we have been here for ten days already it is nuts! Other than all that its been going good i miss you guys and love you! Hope to hear from you soon! thank you for all your advice it really means a lot! Love you Dad:) 
Mikayla's e-mail- it made us laugh:
Hey Kika! How is it going! I am doing good! My poop smells bad from all the rice i have been eating haha! Ya in two years you will be better than me at the skatepark! I miss you lots and hope you are doing okay! Keep mom from crying to much! love you!
He only had an hour, and I think he was overwhelmed with reading and trying to respond in that time. This week has been all about finding a routine to this- for him, and for us.

We have also been having some issues here at home. Mikayla has been having seizures for about a month now. The seizures were originally accompanied by her passing out. This is what we originally took her in to the doctor for- the passing out. I started to monitor her protein, and the passing out stopped, but the seizures did not. There are usually only a couple of episodes a day. This past Sunday, the 1st, was the worst day she has had- she had nine that day.

At first, you could think "where are the miracles, that are supposed to happen when you send a child on a mission? Why is this happening?"

There are miracles. We see them. We were able to get into a specialist within days. Mikayla has to be monitored at home with an EEG machine. This normally takes weeks to get set up. There are only two technicians who do this in the state of Utah. The home health tech happened to have a cancellation today- and she is here setting Mikayla up. This is not a normal time frame for this- and I know it is a blessing- that the Lord knows that I am not patient with things like this. We are certain that this little glitch Mikayla is experiencing will be a temporary one. It has made us grateful for our health- and more aware of everyday blessings that we normally take for granted. He is looking out for us, and looking out for our boy in Colombia. I know this.

Blessings are everywhere if you choose to recognize them.

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