Wednesday, February 25, 2015

See You in Two, Elder Wadley

Those of you who have sent a missionary off know how hard yesterday was for our family.

Those of you who have not sent a missionary off can imagine what it would be like, and how very hard it would be to send your child away for two years- but that doesn't compare to how hard it actually is. For those of you in my life who have blazed this trail before me- I am sorry I wasn't a better friend when you were going through this. I didn't know. I do now. There is nothing to prepare someone for this. You just have to push through it.
I did okay at the airport- and watched as he confidently boarded the plane.
The plane at gate C13 that swallowed up my (not so little) boy to steal him away to a country we have never been.
When we left the airport, I lagged behind my family, as I normally do when we are on vacation. I carry my camera and take a lot of pictures- so I am always slower than they are. I like to be the caboose, so I can observe, and corral the kids. I did my normal head count, and had that panic moment at the airport- that we were missing a kid. I realized that I am going to be doing that often for the next two years. Missing a kid.
I think Sam helped me put everything into perspective in the middle of my crying jag. He is excited for Jayden. But Sam also served a mission and knows what it is like being on that end of this experience. He explained that this is a new chapter for Jayden. A new beginning. But for me, it is an ending. I am done raising him. I am brokenhearted at this ending. Sam is happy for the beginning.
Hopefully soon I too will see it as a happy beginning. But it sure seems like mamas feel the profound pain of the endings for longer than we would like.
That little jerk left a letter under my pillow. Just when I had the waterworks under control and was heading to bed with a crying headache, I found it.

(As a side note- the expensive "Puff's" tissues with added lotion are a waste of money! They all feel like sandpaper after a day of constant use.)

His letter under my pillow was very sweet, thanking Sam and I for everything- one line in particular hit me " matter what happens and how home sick I am, please do not let me come home!"

He wants to be there. He wants to do this. He is looking forward to his new beginning. I am grateful.

I wrote him a quick e-mail, and fell asleep.

This morning, I am thrilled to announce that at 7:23 am, I got my first e-mail from Elder Wadley!

Hola mom!
 Things here are going good its kinda difficult with learning spanish, but some of the elders that have been here for two weeks are giving prayers in spanish it is absolutly crazy! Me and elder Wellings ( the kid from the Salt Lake Airport) met up with a couple more elders and sisters at Atlanta. We have four elders in my room and we are all going to the same mission! Some of the kids we met up with are going to Equador, just like my old man! Our flight had a bunch of stupid delays so i did not get to bed until about 3 in the morning! sorry if my spelling sucks this computer says every word is wrong because it is not in spanish ha! anyway i think that is all i have for now thanks for everything hope you are doing okay! Love you lots! P.S. sorry for not waving goodbye when i was leaving.  
Love Elder Wadley
I think I might be able to do this.  :)

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