Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another week down!

We got an e-mail late last night. It seems like he is doing fine. His last e-mail said he wasn't feeling well. Of course I stressed out about that all week. Is he actually sick, or just tired, or does he have a TERMINAL PARASITE?!! What is it?!! He cleared it up in this weeks e-mail, and I unclenched.
No photos this time. I think he only has a couple weeks left in the CCM and then he will travel to Medellin and start his mission.
I pray for his Spanish to sink in. I started Rosetta Stone about ten days ago, and it is muy malo. But then again, I have a 43 year old brain, and hopefully his brain is a little more flexible to new things.
Hey Mom! sorry about the late email, the internet here was not working for awhile so we had to write later. Well i will tell you what has been happening lately. ( I hope you edit these) We have been the the Temple here in Bogota, it is super fun and i love going! The first time we went Elder V got a name and the previous work had been done in Draper, Bountiful, and St George Utah! How crazy is that! Elder V is a pretty cool guy we got a bunch of new white kids as well, they are cool i will send you pictures of all of us probably next time. Way to go on your spanish i am super proud of you! Conjugations are the worse and they dont get any better trust me! I am still struggling with the spanish, there was an Elder that we were talking to through the fence and he said that it took him 8 months to learn the language  pretty fluently. I dont want that to be me, but at this rate it seems like it. So how many likes is my Instagram post at? I really hope everyone is doing okay! I miss you guys and pray for you everyday! You dont need to do anything to your emails, i love them and they are my number one prority! So today is obviously P-day, two of the hermanas got hurt pretty bad today like they are at a special clinic right now getting looked at. I am feeling better though, we went on tour and i lost my water bottle that the ccm gave me, so i was dehydrated and they have like 9 billion people in this city and about 10 billion cars it is absolutely nuts! So between breathing in exhaust and being dehydrated i could not even function, on the bright side i fell alseep at like 7 so i got a lot of sleep! What else do you want to know about me here? Or anyone? Ask me any questions! I Love you so much! and miss you more and more everyday!
I hope you all can translate this. I can't. Who is Elder V? No one knows. What the crap happened to the hermanas? No clue. That kid! "Ask me any questions..." Oh, I will.

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