Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello, Bogota!

We randomly heard from Jayden yesterday at about 5pm. I have his e-mail address set as "VIP" in my phone, so it chimed in, and scared me a little. The P-Days (preparation days or the missionary day off) over in the Bogota CCM are really weird, so when we hear from him, it is an unexpected surprise!

As an added bonus, he send a few pictures! It was nice to see him. Jayden e-mailed Sam and told him his companion is 6' 5" tall, and we think he is the one next to Jayden in the group photo. Sam took a look at the photo, and thought it looked like Jayden has grown- when you compare him to his companion. I had to remind Sam that it has only been two weeks.

Jayden's  Elder Wadley's letter:
Hey things are going good! They are moving Pdays to every tuesaday now so it wont be as bad of a wait! We went out on tour today i kinda went to go see they city, and Bogota is a huge city! I will try to attach some pictures with it. It was all of the white guys out on tour to so it was pretty fun. I heard many of stories of Elder Stout, he sounds like a pretty cool guy! All of my spanish is coming along really slow but constantly progessing i guess. I have not got any physical mail yet but i try to check everyday. How is everyone? How is the snow? How is my Jeep? How is the bowling alley? How is everything? We watched meet the mormons the other night in english ha but the end of the movie there was a missionary mom segment and it made me miss you guys so much! I dont really know what else to say i am not feeling to good right now so i cant really think striaght. I love you! I will talk to you on tuesday. 
Here are his photos of Bogota, and a group photo. The fourth one is the group photo cropped in- so you can see his cute face. I miss his face.

It makes me happy to see him smiling. I also wonder where his jacket is? It looks kind of cold to me. I guess I can't stop being a mom, even 3,438 miles away. (Yes, I Googled it.) Having a kid leave the nest makes you do all kinds of weird things like Google the miles apart and Google-Earth his address.

I also say my prayers every night on his pillow because it still smells like him.

If that make me some sort of creepy, then so be it.
The freak flag is flying for the next two years.

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