Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rainbows After Rain

This past week our thoughts and prayers were focused on Elder Brendan, Elder Jayden's brother. He has been struggling a bit, and he has only been out on his mission for a few months.
While we were focused on him- Elder Jayden was quietly having struggles of his own.
I guess it has been hard times all around!
The tender mercy of this week though, was that Elder Jayden's p-day brought rain. I got to e-mail chat with him online for a while, since there wasn't much else for him to do. Usually he quickly writes his e-mails, and then bails to do other things.
I was happy to have him online a little longer this week and grateful for that rain!
Here is his e-mail:
Well hey there!
Let me just tell you that this was one of the worst teaching weeks that i have probably ever had in the mission. We barely got to teach this week! It has been hard and i have been really down on myself! 
Really nothing crazy happened this week. We played soccer today and now it is raining like crazy! 
I don't even have any pictures this week. I am like a double failure. 
The coolest thing that happened this week is that we had the multizone conference with our president. It went really good and i absolutely love seeing President and his wife and talking to them. They did an amazing job as well! 
That's really all i have for this week! 
I got conference bingo candy haha! Thanks!
Sorry that my email sucks i will make up for it next week!
Also bought evaporated milk today so bring on the no bake cookies! 
Love you! 
Elder Wadley
And a little of our back and forth:
If I still catch you online- I'm sorry you had a rough week. :( I hope this one is better! And don't let Satan get you down on yourself. Focus on positive things! I love you! Did you know we are 99 days now until you are home? Not even triple digits! Are you getting trunky yet?
mom stahp!!! 
I dont like it!!
I know!!! I try not to say anything, but I just can't wait to smell the Medellin on you and hug your face off!! 
well basically all MedellĂ­n smells like weed soo get ready i guess!
what if i dont hug you?
You will be hugged whether you participate or not. It's doesn't matter what you want.
do we still have a  home phone??
And are yours and dads phones still the same?
We don't have a home phone any longer. Our cells are the same.
What the? No house phone?
Everything has changed!!Also i am going to need contact info of our stake president, name number and email
also bishops name and number.
and our ward and stake name
You guys. This is most likely for us to receive his official release date and travel plans for home. I can hardly stand it!
Can I send you all that next week? I thought we got rid of our home phone before you left? 
Hey! It's been nice having you online!! Tender mercy for that rain! :)
for reals haha well i am out! Love you lots! 
Thanks for everything!
I got some surprise photos from my sweet friend Sister Calderon (Jayden's mission president's wife).
Elder Wadley with a package I mailed, and Elder Guerber
Elder Wadley at the multizone conference
I am so happy that she takes these pictures for me! It means a lot to a mom missing her boys face. If you guys ever see missionaries around, please snap a photo and text or e-mail it to their mothers. Be prepared for embarrassing amounts of gratitude.

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