Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Planting Seeds

I shared with my missionary boys this week a spiritual experience I had that was just short of a full fledged miracle. Along with this experience came a little bit of guilt for me. I am not sure why I received this blessing- or why I receive all of the blessings that I do, especially the blessings that come from knowing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been reflecting on how I demonstrate my gratitude. Am I truly an example of what I believe? Do I take advantage of (or even recognize) the opportunities I have to share the gospel with others? Am I aware of the needs of others?
It is always a little depressing to give yourself this checks and balances assessment, I always fall short of my service versus the blessings I receive.
Here is Elder Jayden's e-mail this week:

I have thought a lot about stuff like that while on my mission. Am i really not doing everything that i can or do people just hate me or what haha but a lot of times we are just planting seeds for stuff in the future! 

Well this week has been decent we finally have some people that are progressing towards baptism and we are seeing a little more success in our area! It has been good to finally see the progress we are having. We still have a lot of work to do and a lot to get better at but we are getting there little by little. Really there is nothing new this week.
Congrats on the family history there is a big push for that here as well! 
Wow this email is really boring!
I will share with you something cool that i saw the other day! 
We went to a recently reactivated members house and turns out her whole family was baptized when they were younger! She has a family member that has been a member of the church since he was a little kid! But later on in his life he got into drugs... he has been a drug addict for a long time. But to this day he remembers that he is a member and gets excited that his family goes to church and everything. He still carries around a couple books from the church with him in a little bag and is proud of them, and never denies that he is a member! It just goes to show how much of an impact the church can have on someone in their life!
Well thats about it for this week! I will talk to you later!
Love you!
Elder Wadley
No photos from him this week.
It was this week, two years ago that he opened the white envelope that would forever alter his life.
We were naive to the changes we would all make.
It's been a good two years.

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