Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Working it and tWerking it.

Another week down!
Elder Wadley speculates that the place he is currently in, will be the one that he finishes his mission in. It has been a hard area for him- no referrals, and nothing to go on, kind of a blank slate. He and his companion have been working hard to gather contacts, and find people to teach. Week by week he is building a teaching pool by knocking on doors, and working with members of the church on less active or inactive people that they know.
He is training again, he just got a new companion this week.
Well Elder Guerber left me this week! He went to the coast and i stayed here. I got a new comp his name is Elder Muñoz. His is from LA but has parents that are Mexican and Brazilian. He is a cool guy and we should have a pretty good time together! 
This week we have a fair amount of stuff lined up so i am really excited! 
This last week went alright we have found one or two other people to teach and we have been seeing some more less actives that have been able to come to church which has been awesome! 
Nothing really interesting has happened this week. I guess it has been raining a lot but thats really it. 
I will shoot you some pictures though!
Love you!
Elder Wadley
The photos he sent were really interesting, but he wasn't in ANY OF THEM. :(
I guess my only consolation to that is the fact that I will see him in person, in less than 90 days.
Here is Medellin Colombia at night:

My favorite photo he sent was one that he took in English class. He and his companion, and the other area missionaries teach English to people.
This is Elder Dean in the middle of a lesson. Jayden wanted me to notice the word that he was teaching them.
HAHA! I asked if they had to demonstrate the word when they taught it.
He said no.
Probably a good decision if my boy inherited his rhythm and coordination genes from me.

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