Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"God is Nice." -Elder Wadley

Elder Jayden had a good week. This weeks e-mail made my heart happy for him; in his work, and also that he has learned to recognize God's hand in his life, even when things look temporarily grim.
Well wow a lot of projects and stuff going on at home!
Well this week has gone better than the last week thats for sure! I have been able to see God working in our area even when we are like down on ourselves or when we feel discouraged. I have seen some miracles this week! 
When i first got here, in this area, we went to a less active that was being rescued and taught, and it turns out that she has a sister that is also less active from being taught the gospel a couple of years ago! She smokes now, and really didn't really want to talk to us. I finally got her to talk to us, i took advantage of the fact that i was new in the area. I left her a chapter in the Book of Mormon and she actually read it but after that she said that she didn't really want to listen to us and that she doesn't need anybody to help her come back to the church.
Recently she needed to go to the hospital and was getting like a cat scan and she got really scared and prayed, saying that she didn't want to go back into that cat scanning machine or whatever it was. For whatever reason, she did not have to do it again. She knew that Heavenly Father answered her prayer. She called us and said that she is coming back to church. She came to church this last week.
She started reading D&C from the very beginning and hasn't smoked once. She even had problems with a couple people in the ward and said that she wants to forgive them and everything! 
We also had another less active that we are talking to that told me on Sunday that she wants us to come over and teach her more! 
A lot of miracles that have been happening here which is absolutely amazing and i honestly feel like i don't deserve these kind of blessings but God is nice!
Other than that we got rained on a lot this week! It rained really hard one day for like four hours and it was just a downpour! 
Well that was about my week! 
Thanks mom for everything! 
Love you!
Elder Wadley
A little back and forth, since I was able to catch him online a bit.
Oh Jayden! This has to be one of your best emails. <3 I am so happy you are finding success and more importantly that you are seeing Gods hand in your life. A grateful heart is a catalyst for miracles. What a cool week! 
What are your plans today?
nothing. we don't have anything specific planned.
what does catalyst mean?
Catalyst is something that creates the optimal conditions for change or growth. So swamp water is a catalyst for slime. lol
oh cool! i didn't know that!
Well you haven't used English much lately. Haha!!
No pictures this week.
I made him promise that he will take some this week. His time is winding down, and I want him to have enough photos of Colombia that when he is old like me, he will be grateful to have them to help jog his memory. And also to show his kids. (My grandkids! (Looking forward to future babies!))

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