Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Villa Hermosa, Colombia

It was a rough week for me here at home.
I felt bad that my e-mail to my missionary Elders was kind of a downer, but I guess sometimes life is like that. I think it is important to be honest about what is going on with our lives back at home, without dumping a load of problems on them. I also try and balance it out with good things that happen. So when I sit down on Sunday night to write my boys, and I reflect on the week- it is a good opportunity for me to count my blessings, and look for tender mercies, even when sometimes I feel like am in darkness.
There are always, always blessings.
Here is Elder Jayden's e-mail this week:
Well my week wasn't all that good either. We were in a trio or in other words we were three missionaries here in Villa Hermosa. Well this week we got a call and long story short our other companion from Ecuador went home this week. It was really sad to see him go, i mean i think i was just starting to like him ;) Other than that the week has been alright. We have been able to find a good group of new people to teach and they seem like they will be able to progress pretty well which will be awesome!
I am with Elder Guerber now, he is from my group-we were comps in the MTC and now we are comps again and it has been really fun! He is a really good guy! I have really enjoyed my time here with him.
I am sorry to hear about all that has happened that really kinda sucks! 
I will shoot you some pictures from this week with our other comp, Elder Morillo that left.
Love you!
Elder Wadley
I was able to catch him online for a little back and forth. It was a good day.
Any ideas on things you would like for your Christmas package? I am going to be mailing it soon. Do you want or need anything?
No just seeds and food kinda stuff.
Don't send me any like clothes or anything i am not really going to need anything like that. Um is there anything specific that you guys want as like souvenirs??
DID YOU SEE THIS? He is making plans for coming home.
I will ask the kids. Whatever you think is cool. Don't go crazy. We don't need you to worry about getting stuff. I will just be excited to see your face.
Haha mom 
What are you up to?¡
This is what I read about in D&C today. Hiram Page, an early saint found himself a stone and told people he was getting revelations like Joseph Smith. The Lord reiterates that He will only reveal things for the whole church to His prophet. It's in section 28. Then he says a kind of sweet thing- instead of rebuking this Page guy- he tells Oliver Cowdery to: (vs 11)  And again, thou shalt take thy brother, Hiram Page, between him and thee alone, and tell him that those things which he hath written from that stone are not of me and that Satan deceiveth him;
I liked how he wants Oliver to pull his "brother" aside privately, and lovingly, to let him know that he was deceived by Satan.

It also says in this chapter that we are all entitled to personal revelation for ourselves but that the Lord will give us revelation for others ONLY if we are called and set apart to do so.
This means you, as a missionary, can receive revelation for the people you serve. Also parents receive revelation for their kids. But never will the Lord give someone revelation for someone who presides over them.
Pretty cool.
It's crazy how Satan can make spiritual imitations that deceive so many.
Oh hey i totally read that section like yesterday!! Ahaha really cool! DyC is super sweet!
I think its pretty cool that he and I are on the same page with our scripture study.

Elder Guerber, Elder Wadley, Elder Morillo
Villa Hermosa (beautiful village), Colombia

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