Friday, January 15, 2016

PB&J for the USA

Goodness! I almost completely forgot to post Elder Wadley's e-mail this week. Sam and I took off for California WITHOUT kids, and I guess I was a little too giddy about ditching the "mom" title for a few days. It is funny though, how when your kids aren't physically THERE with you, they are still always with you.
Thinking of my boy in Carmel, California
 Hey fam!
Sorry this email isn't going to be very long or interesting either because i don't have a lot of time! Our week has been better! The area is slowly getting better which is good and we are starting to find more people to teach. There is still a lot to do but we are slowly getting there! 
This week went pretty normal.We did have a pretty good activity on Saturday, where we all prepared typical foods from our country and a bunch of people came! Other than that we had a pretty normal week. 
I caught him online and what do you think I asked him? Yep. What food did he fix to show off the United States for this food festival? I swear, boys are not the best communicators. Nor is he good at representing the USA! He fixed...get this: PB&J sandwiches. Strong work, Wadley.
Sorry to here about your crappy dentist week that totally sucks! Tell Mikayla to brush her freaking teeth! 
Also today i don't have anything to send pictures so i don't even have pics for you this week.What a failure of an email ha! 
Anyways i will finish off with your questions:
1-When are next transfers? 25th
2-Do you add anything to your Aguapanela? Like lemon juice? I don't really anything to it. 
3-What is the gospel principal that members and investigators in Colombia struggle with the most? Tithing? Word of Wisdom, (with the coffee)? Word of Wisdom and Chastity 
4-How is your teaching pool? Any new investigators? Do you knock doors in your area? Do you have any creative door approaches? We knock a lot of doors haha! Door approaches, well we use the whole "we are not from around here" and stuff like that.
5-Do you need anything? Nah i am all good here:) 
Well sorry again for a poopy email, i will try to make next weeks a little better:)
Love you lots!
Elder Wadley
I know I have said it before- but I am not bugged by the short e-mails from my boy. This just means that he is busy doing the work that he was sent to Colombia to do. His thoughts are occupied with the people there, and the work. The first few weeks that he left, when I still hurt, I never thought I would reach this point of not missing him. Don't get me wrong. I still miss him- I just don't worry about him. And I am particularly proud of him for being such a successful little chick outside of the nest.

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