Monday, November 2, 2015

Who Needs a Ladder?

Another week down. Elder Jayden is doing great, and always amazes me with how upbeat he always is. I have yet to receive an email with something negative. Maybe living at home, with us, has been holding him back all these years! All I know, is that sending a boy on a mission (once you get past the rough first couple of months) is the best kept secret of the church. He is learning the value of selfless service and genuine gratitude. At 19. Here is Elder Wadley's email this week:
Hey sorry that last week i didn't have very much time, this week i am not as crunched for time. Happy (late) Halloween! My Halloween wasn't very interesting either haha i barely got to see any costumes. I did get three pieces of candy though!;)
My week was pretty good though!
Elder Wadley and his companion,  Elder Pacaya from Peru
Monday: We had our zone meeting in the morning which went really good! We had the rest of the day to do whatever as well which was nice! After the meeting we had a Brazilian lunch because we have two people from Brazil in our zone and one of them made us all lunch and it was super good! Towards the end of the night we went and played soccer with a couple of our investigators and it was really fun!
Tuesday:normal day ha
Wednesday: We had an intercambio with Olivera and it went pretty good! We had a normal day of teaching and all that good stuff and at the end of the night we helped a less active family move houses! We got to do a little move service thus week than normal which was pretty nice! 
Thursday: Ha Thursday i got to share all the candy you mailed me with a couple people and they absolutely loved it! Everyone thought the cracked pepper sunflower seeds were a little weird but ended up liking them as well ha! 
Friday:Was a pretty normal day
Saturday: We had another opportunity to serve. We went to a members house to help them build a second floor on their house. It was pretty fun! Ha the cool part is i could put in all these metal poles by myself because i am tall haha they were all on chairs and everything. Oh i also broke a ladder haha!
It looks pretty professional and stable to me. :/
Sunday:Was a pretty normal day it rained really hard .
My week wasn't anything to special but i really enjoyed it! 
Now to answer your questions
1-(Do you have seasons there? Or is it just hot and hotter?)There are not really seasons here it is the same weather all year round
2-(What do you do for p-days in your new area? Are there any cool things to see? I loved the pictures of the farm! That is exactly how I picture Colombia to look in my head- except that it is a marijuana farm. Lol.)We haven't really done anything lately today we might go do something today haha but i am not really sure:)
3-(Do you guys get callings in your branch? Do they have branch activities?)We are called as missionaries haha. There are activities but we are never invited:(
4-(What kinds of things have you been eating? Do you cook much?)Been eating rice haha and bread ha. I havent cooked a whole lot
5-(Do girls in Colombia shave their armpits or legs? Not that you should notice the ladies...)In the coast they dont really but everywhere else they do
6- (Any miracles or tender mercies this week?)I have been noticing a lot of things lately that i am super grateful for! A lot of things hah:)
Well family i love you guys! Good luck with your languages (Mikayla and I are learning Spanish, Brendan is studying German, Sam started Italian, and Shayne is trying out French. Duolingo, friends! It is the best!) and have a great week!
Elder Wadley

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