Monday, October 26, 2015

Dedicated and Motivated!

Our e-mail this week made me happy. It was short and had no pictures, which is normally the opposite of what makes a missionary mom happy. He didn't even answer any of my questions I had for him this week!
But you guys- you can literally feel his excitement about the work coming out in his words. This is the reason I wanted him to serve a mission. Not for the bragging rights, or the opportunity to learn a language, or experience a new culture- but to bring people to Christ. 
Here is the report this week from my Colombian boy:
Hey fam! Sorry your week was boring haha!
My week was pretty good! I don't have a ton of time today so i will try to make this quick but at the same time pretty good! 
We found a new investigator this week and the dude is a stud! His name is Cesar, and he is doing so good! We brought him to the conference with our president this last Sunday and since then he has quit smoking cold turkey. He is reading basically everything we give him and is inviting his friends and cousins to come and listen to us! He is such a rad dude and is progressing awesomely! 
Mainly we have been focusing on him this week. Other than that nothing really interesting happened. We had a meeting with the asistants this week and it went really well. I got to see my buddy (Elder) Opheikins. 
It rained a poop ton this week which was really nice makes it a little bit colder here. Sorry this was so short i promise i will be better prepared next week. 
I don't even have my cord to send pictures either. :(
Sorry again but i dont have a ton of time! Next week will be better!! 
Love you lots! Have a great week!!
Elder Wadley
I love this boy. Eight months down yesterday!
I am adding an old photo with this post- because I like to see his cute face.

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