Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference in Colombia; When Hymns Don't Translate

I just love General Conference weekend. Largely because we all get to hang out as a family on the couch in our comfy clothes. This conference session I thought several times about how 3500 miles away, my boy (as a missionary for the church) was listening to the same talks (in a different language), at the same time (in a different time zone). It made me feel for a few short hours that he was close to us. I am so grateful for the gospel! For the reality that families, although separated temporarily by choice, or a little less temporarily by death, can be forever- and that we will be together again.
Here is Elder Wadley's email this week:
Wow holy poop that is a lot of rain haha! I didn't think it was that gnarly! It rained pretty hard here too but all the rain runs down the hills, it looks pretty cool! Oh and Dad makes a pretty good looking Moroni! Sounds like you guys had a pretty decent week!
First off i want to say that i think it is crazy that we are in October already! I remember sitting in the CCM thinking that the next general conference was so far away! 
Anyway my week wasn't anything amazing but it went really well!
Last Pday we went to the church and played some sports and just kinda chilled there for awhile, nothing really awesome!
Tuesday- was just a normal day we went and taught some people and really just normal haha!
Wednesday- We had an intercambio. I went with Elder Suàrez in his area and we had a good day! We had time to teach a lot of lessons and he is a really cool dude! The intercambio was really short though which was kinda nice and kinda sucked. I learned a decent amount of stuff from him which was nice! In the night we got a call from someone that works for the mission saying that we had to move houses...
Thursday we spent all day moving and organizing the new house ha! We moved from a two story house to the fifth floor of an apartment building. Oh carrying all the stuff up those five floors was a pain in the butt! But the new house is pretty nice!
Friday- Friday we had to make up for a bunch of lost time from Thursday, but the day didn't go very good haha a lot of our citas fell and we didn't get much time to do anything:( This is the day that it rained really hard here as well and like i said it was really cool to watch all the rain run down the hills! 
Saturday and Sunday was General Conference!! It is a little bit different in Spanish ahah! All the hymns are still in English which is pretty cool! haha one of the hymns that they put on the screen doesn't exist in Spanish so the room was basically dead quiet haha! There were a couple people mumbling the hymn in English from the words on the screen haha! It was pretty funny! 
Conference was really good though and i actually understood practically all of it ha! I am super grateful for that! 
Anyways that is my week, it was kinda hectic but really good at the same time!

and now to answer your questions
1- (What was your favorite conference talk and why?)Well i did like the one that you mentioned that we need to ask God what we lack, i also liked when President Monson came flat out and said "Keep the commandments" I thought that was really good!
2-(Where did you watch conference? Was it in English?)I watched it in Spanish and we watched it in the church.
3-(What kinds of things have you been eating? Does your companion cook you and Peruvian food?)I have been eating nothing lately haha and if i do eat something it is usually not the best haha! My comp does cook breakfast every once and awhile.
4-(What is your apartment like? Do you have a stove, oven, microwave? What is different from your old place?)Its nice hah we have a stove basically and a microwave hah!
5-(Have you seen any miracles this week?)Miracles, nothing crazy big this week, just little things that the Lord has helped us with:)
6-(How is your health, do you need anything?)My health is fat haha! i am fine no worries!
Wellñ (<--I had to leave in this little Spanish typo. He types on a Spanish keyboard.) this is all i have for this week! I will talk to you next week! I love you all!!!!
Elder Wadley
This is almost our whole zone!:) (And I notice that Elder Wadley is the only Gringo)

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