Monday, October 12, 2015

A Funeral Was Attended, and Shots Were Fired. (Thankfully in that order.)

Today I had to pinch hit for the family business. So as I was cooking breakfast for an early morning bowling league, my phone buzzed with Jayden's email! I was able to send him back a selfie of me working the grill. Maybe that will help him appreciate the life that he has temporarily left behind. HA! Here is the email from Elder Wadley this week. My own commentary is in blue. This week warranted some commentary.
Well, i don't even know what to say about you working at the alley haha never in a million years did i think that this would happen haha! How was your first and maybe last day at the alley?
Hahah no i think it is cool that you want to help out!! Oh and thats cool that Shays kids got baptized! Holy cow i had no idea they were that old honestly haha! Cool though! 
My week has been really interesting- pretty good this week, not going to lie:)
Monday we went to the mall here,  just like Monterìa but this mall was way cooler and a ton bigger! It was a pretty normal Pday honestly. In the zone meeting an older couple came in and talked about family history work and they want us to fill out a couple pamphlets that we have here so if you could send me some stories and pictures of our family and grandparent and great grandparents and stuff like that would be awesome thanks!
So Tuesday was a really weird day haha we had a pretty normal day until about 2 in the afternoon where we got a phone call that said one of the people in our branch had died and the funeral service was going on in like half an hour. We wanted to go and show support for the family, the only problem is that it was at a Catholic church ( it was a less active family ). We stood outside waiting for a member to show up to go in with us. At this moment my comp and i felt really weird and out of place... When the member showed up we went in and i can't even really describe the experience we had there. It was terrible! We felt really uncomfortable and out of place. I talked to my comp and we could both feel a darkness inside of us that was pushing the spirit out of our bodies. Oh it was terrible! We left as quick as we could. We called the Assistant and asked him if we should go to the cemetery and all that as well and he said we shouldn't. So we left and we felt weird for the whole rest of the day, it was so bad. I can testify that our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the true church here on the earth and that nothing else even comes close to it!! Never in my life am i going to forget that!
Tuesday was pretty normal- nothing interesting really happened..
Wednesday, the other eventful day of the week haha! Well we were walking to a cita and when we turned the corner of the street we were going to take we heard a big old pop! We looked over and there was a guy yelling and limping around and not too soon after a guy came down yelling as well- but this guy was holding a big old pistol in his hand! Turns out the loud pop was a gunshot, he shot the other dude in the leg! Needless to say we took a different route haha. We were about 25ft from all this crap as well hah! Pretty nuts ha! (ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!!)
The rest of the week went pretty normal ha just lessons and missionary stuff. It has been raining a little bit here and there which has been really nice! I get to use my rain dress oh uh i mean rain coat haha! Remember how i didn't try on the raincoat before i left?? Yeah it is pretty big haha! (It looks fine to me.)
Anyways that was my week haha! A pretty good one if you ask me! (NO! Not a good week, you idiot!)
Now to answer your questions;)
1-What is the best thing that you have eaten on your mission so far?I have eaten some really good Areapas! (From Wikipedia: Arepa is a flatbread made of ground maize dough or cooked flour prominent in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. It is eaten daily in those countries and can be served with various accompaniments such as cheese (cuajada), avocado, or (especially in Venezuela) split and used to make sandwiches. Various sizes, maize types, and added ingredients are used to vary its preparation. It is similar in shape to the Mexican gordita.)
2-Have you embarrassed yourself with the language or customs?Heck yeah! Basically everyday haha! 
3- Christmas is coming. Do you need new shirts, garments, pants, etc? I am good on everything! Some snow would be nice!
4-Have you gained weight or outgrown anything?I have lost what little muscle i had and gained a little bit of fat haha! My Pday pants and suit pants are a little tight:)
5-What is your favorite thing to teach people about? My favorite thing to teach is probably about Joseph Smith or the Word of Wisdom!
Anyway Mom this is all i have this week! I love you! I hope you have a fantastic week (at the alley;)) (No.)
Elder Wadley
"Me in my Rain Dress."

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