Monday, April 27, 2015

Pinching, Poo Canals and Prayer

Last Sunday I was asked to speak in church.

Here is how they suckered me into it. They asked me to speak for five minutes about my missionary, and if I was able to tie it in with the Holy Ghost, then great. There were a couple of other missionary moms that spoke along with me. It sounded do-able, so I said yes. This was a miracle. I do not like to speak. Not even a little bit.

I shot Jayden a desperate e-mail last Sunday night and asked him to throw me a bone. Any experiences he has had with the Holy Ghost.

Here is what he shared with me.

One time in the CCM (MTC) i was struggling and having a bad day because i could not speak Spanish. We were sitting on a couch near the front of the CCM. My companion could see that i was not having a very good day and was asking me questions like, whats the matter, how can i help you, and then he asked do you know that heavenly father hears and answers your prayers? I thought about it for a minute and was like it sure doesn't feel like it- i am struggling so much- and pray a lot- and still haven't seen any change with the language at all. Then all of a sudden a scripture of all things popped into my head. It was not one i had memorized or even remember reading. It was Mosiah 10:13. I thought that was super weird! It just kept going over and over in my head. After my companion and i got done studying i looked it up and it reads--

13 And again, that they were wronged while in the land of their first inheritance, after they had crossed the sea, and all this because that Nephi was more faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord—therefore he was favored of the Lord, for the Lord heard his prayers and answered them, and he took the lead of their journey in the wilderness.

Not bad huh? The Holy Ghost delivered me a scripture!

So i know that our heavenly father answers our prayers, and that if we listen to the spirit, and if we are obedient and patient, he will always lead us in the right direction.

I am so grateful for the missionary program- to watch my boy strengthen his testimony like this is really priceless. And I am pretty sure that he would not have shared this experience with me if I hadn't asked. Boys! Don't they know that this is what we want to hear?

This week's email was mostly about P-day activities. I am anxious to hear about the missionary work he and his companion are doing, but I think that Jayden is not as involved right now as he will be in a couple of months. Don't get me wrong- I know he is anxious and willing to dive right in. I just think the language is preventing him from having a connection with the Colombian people.
There have been many times I have been standing by Sam's side, as he carries on a conversation in Spanish, and I have only been able to pick up a word or two. Sam and that person will laugh, and slap each other on the back, and I can just smile and nod. I think Jayden is still in the smile and nod stage. Bless him. It is very frustrating- but I know he will get there. Until then, I get to share his P-day adventures!

Here is this week's email:
Well this week was nothing really crazy as well. So last P-day the zone was going to go to the zoo that is relatively close to here, my comp didnt really have money for it
so we told them that we didnt want to go and we went to the mall here instead. Well we were getting Subway at the mall and then i got pinched on the butt! At first i was like 
"this is somebody i know!" then i thought that i am in a different country and nobody i really knew is here, so i got kinda creeped out. Turns out it was Elder Velasquez haha
so the zone took a bus to the zoo and turns out it is closed on mondays hahaha they wasted like 30 mil on bus rides!! Anyway the mall was decent they kinda had just gay and beaner clothes. I found one store with like three skateboards but they were not that good.:( We went to this toy store though and it had all sorts of american toys and i went ahead and bought myself some Tech Decks. They were really expensive though... but when i was checking out and paying the guy gave me a 70% discount on each of them! Score! 
Most of this week though was just a regular week. We had a bunch of appointments and it was hot as poop this week. I was sweating like crazy! We were visiting with a newer investigator last night and her little kid came out and he was naked and just starts pooping and peeing everywhere. Like just puddles of poo eveywhere! It was so gross and really super funny!
Also this week i had an intercambio with Elder Larroza, he is from Argentina and was Bigelows last comp, and it was really fun he is a pretty funny dude! 
We might be moving to a new house! It is way nicer than the dump we are living in right now! 
As far as your questions everything is going good! I am learning more and more each day and it is a lot of fun! Knocking doors was kinda crazy but super fun i gave like the introduction but not much after that haha. Yeah we do only a little bit in the ward nothing to crazy, we have a movie night every wednesday and we are kinda in charge of it, Yes the feed us mostly every day and the foor is super good! Yeah everything is rolling fine, i think it is crazy i have been out for two months already! It sure does not seem that way! I love the pictures by the way!
I think that is all i have for now! If you need any more experiences or anything or if you just want to know anything please let me know! I love you a lot! I miss tons also! 
Love Elder Wadley
He sounds happy. If he is happy, mama is happy.
But this: "If you need any more experiences or anything or if you just want to know anything please let me know!"
Really? Do I have to ask? HAHA! I guess that will be my standard question each week. "Tell me some experiences?" He kills me.
Here is a picture of him on P-day and apparently his two new Colombian zits. (His words. Moms look right past that stuff.)
Here is the street that he currently lives on. I love the brightly colored houses. Why aren't we on board with this in the US?
A lovely view of the poo canal. I am glad I can't smell it. It looks janky. Glad we are NOT on board with this in the US.
My prayers for Jayden always include his ability to pick up the language. The first six months are the hardest, from what I hear. I hope he keeps an open mind, and a positive attitude to get him through it. The following is a quote that I used in my talk Sunday. I shared it with him this week. I think it is good advice for all of us. Whether it is a language barrier, being a parent, challenging church callings or personal trials that we struggle with, we always have something to learn in this life- and we are NEVER, ever, alone.
Henry B Eyring said this in his October 2002 conference talk "Rise To Your Call."
"There will be times when you will feel overwhelmed. One of the ways you will be attacked is with the feeling that you are inadequate. Well, you are inadequate to answer a call to represent God with only your own powers. But you have access to more than your natural capacities, and you do not work alone.

The Lord will magnify what you say and what you do in the eyes of the people you serve. He will send the Holy Ghost to manifest to them that what you spoke was true. What you say and do will carry hope and give direction to people far beyond your natural abilities and your own understanding. That miracle has been a mark of the Lord’s Church in every dispensation."