Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day Plans

Mother's Day is kind-of a crappy holiday.

For those women who don't have children- it is a horribly insensitive day, and for those of us who do have children it is equally horrible, in a different way.

It is a day where people talk about perfect mothers. "I never heard my angel mother raise her voice, not even once!" "My mother insisted on baking her own homemade bread. Every day. Before sunrise. After her scripture study and personal exercise regiment." I am sure there is not a mom out there that hasn't at some point felt like a loser on Mother's Day. This is compounded by the fact that my kids usually forget, despite the barrage of store displays and TV commercials, unless some sweet fellow mom spends part of her "special day" guilting them into cranking out a hand-crafted creation of some sort.
I have learned to lower my expectations DROP my expectations of this day and then I am completely surprised and delighted by any act of kindness.

So Mother's Day is next week.
This is the first time since 1996 that I am actually excited about this day!
I get to SEE MY BOY, via Skype.
Mormon missionaries are allowed to call home for Mother's Day and Christmas.
I have expectations again!
I expect I will cry.

Elder Wadley's letter to me was very short this week. He is "saving" up for the call next week.
Well i am glad to hear that everyone is doing pretty good and that everything is rolling pretty good! Glad to see that most everything is normal back home. I am super excited to see you guys this sunday! I might cry which will be really weird! It will probably happen though! We didnt really have to much of an eventfull week, kinda just a regular week here. It has been super hot here lately which really kinda sucks! Lets see i ate turtle and piranha this week. I dont know really what else i think we are having a baptism this saturday so that will be really cool! I kind of want to keep this email short so we can talk a lot on sunday! So sorry tis email is short but I love you and i will SEE you on sunday:)
i forgot to tell you we are skyping at about 530 my time it got changed sorry.
Sam's letter:
Hey man i love the pictures! What obstacles are those?! Everything here is going pretty good. I am struggling hard core with spanish. I can understand a lot of it but i cant speak worth a darn! It is super frustrating! It is hard. Me and my comp get along. We should have a baptism this saturday:) It depends on the week we dont have a ton of investigators right now but we knocked doors this last week and hopefully can get some new ones. We had one family that we contacted that seemed pretty interested. Yeah our area is super ghetto. There is one other place that is worse but they dont really allow white kids there because they got death threats... Glad everything with the alley is good! Have you hired new people? So far i have not missed a day in my journal:) Other than the stupid spanish everything is going really good and i am excited to see you on sunday! I have a butt ton of questions and some stories! I love you! :)

Elder Wadley, Elder Bigelow and a Colombian Cumpleanos.

Piranha. Yum?

His words: "A dope selfie I took at a less active member's house."

I pray for his Spanish multiple times a day. I hope understanding will come soon for him. But until then, he can speak English. To me! Next Sunday!

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