Monday, April 20, 2015

"Oh, and I Cut My Hand on a Coconut, I Hope it Scars."

This was the caption to one of the photos Elder Wadley sent this week, I am assuming one of the photos was a gross cut-hand picture, but I couldn't download them. I am not sure if the format was screwy or what. And maybe the fact that I can't see his sick, gory hand is a tender mercy?

I didn't notice that some of the photos he sends- he adds captions to. This explains a lot. Take for instance this photo from last week:
I thought it was just some pertinent graffiti? Jayden's caption:"So LDS is a gang down here " LOBOS DE LA SUR" or wolves of the south haha." Grrrreat.

His companion, Elder Bigelow, is a total stud- and is teaching Jayden how to play the guitar. He is so happy right now! His e-mails make my whole week. If I ever figure out the pictures he sent, I will add them later.
  Here is Jayden's e-mail this week:
Sounds to me like they are building up Brendans jeep! Which will totally rad! Hey try not to rub it in dads face to much but the hankerchief thing you sent with me is so nice here because i sweat so much it is crazy! The thing is straight brown now it is so gross. Anyway so last P-day after i got done writing, we hopped in a taxi and headed for the primera to feed monkeys. Our taxi got in a crash with a motorcycle and they got out and were yelling at each other! So we hopped in a different taxi when he wasnt looking and took off haha! It ended up raining and we didnt feed monkeys so i got a giant thing of ice cream instead!:) SO i broke the fridge in our house. Other than that my comp and i were walking to an appointment and found a little kitten feeding from a dog. So we took it. The dog followed us around for awhile it was kinda funny. Well we put the cat in our back yard and kept it for a little bit while the zone leaders were gone. I dont know why but we did. It was a stupid cat!!! Eventually the zone leaders found it and made the mistake of feeding it a lot and then leaving it in the house all day. Idiots. When we came back the house smelled so rank! So when we usually have zone meetings or another meeting in the night some of the missionaries sleep over and we chill and play some uno! I get to see some of the other missionaries including Elder Velasquez. Mom guess what! I bought some stuff and we made some no bake cookies! The first two batches were alright. The third batch we made was near perfect! Oh they tasted so good! Not as good as yours obviously but still super good! We are going to start going to the gym this next week! We might have some baptisms this next month as well hopefully it will all work out! I think that is all for now!
I love you! I miss you more and more everyday!
Love Elder Wadley
Perfecting cookies first (#priorities), and then an added "we might go to the gym next week."
This is how I know he is still my boy.

Update! Thanks to my tech-savvy brother-in-law, Rob- here are the pictures! Thanks, Rob!
Elder Wadley, Iron Chef. First No-Bake Cookies!

The "I hope it scars!"wound.

The adopted Colombian cat? Oh, Jayden. This does not look right.

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