Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Elder Wadley's Arrival in Medellin!

Thank goodness that someone over in Colombia is assigned to take photos of the arrivals and departures. I have been averaging one photo a week from Elder Wadley. (This isn't working our for me.) I stole SIX photos of the boy from the mission site! SIX! It was like I won the lottery! This is the first time I have seen Jayden all suited up with his name badge and everything.
Thank you, nameless person behind the camera.
This was a tender mercy. I have been missing him a lot lately. I needed to see his face.
Can we talk about the second photo?  Look how happy he is. My heart is full.

Elder Wadley with Hna y Pte Pitarch (Mission Pres. and his wife)

Elder Wadley and his first companion (I am assuming.)

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