Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Colombian Non-Off-Road Jeeping

This week I got ripped off in the missionary mom department.
Both of my boys were busy, and all I got was crumbs. At least Elder Jayden came through with some pretty awesome photos. If you know Jayden, you will realize the miracle of him finding a Jeep in Colombia! It isn't a "Jeep" by our standards, but not a bad substitution for his almost two year withdrawals.
Here is his e-mail:
Hey mom sorry i am on a little later today we went to a little pueblito outside of Pereira as a zone activity!
It was cool! 
The weather was awesome and we had a good time! I don't have a whole lot of time this week so i will send you some pics and i hope that makes up for it! 
Love you!
Elder Wadley
Here are some pictures of his adventure. The area looks green and pretty. The "jeep" is a little awesome too.
Pereira, Colombia
 Just a reminder, this is the Jeep Elder Wadley left back home. It's still running strong!
(Although it might be a little lonely for its original driver.)
Elder Wadley I and II, circa 2014

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