Monday, June 27, 2016

The Wadley's Join the $800.00 Club

When we sent Jayden off to Colombia almost a year and a half ago, I remember basically being in mourning. Partly because my boy was leaving, and partly because our family as we knew it was over. All of my kids were spaced 18 or so months apart, and we anticipated all three of the boys overlapping each other serving missions. Six years of missionaries in the field. So much change. And it came so soon.
A lot of families in the church have this happen. The mission department of the church streamlined the financial obligation to families a few years ago. Some missions are expensive (Europe) and some are very inexpensive (Guatemala) so to ease the burden, they pool the monthly costs of missions together and make the monthly flat rate for all missions $400. Families like us with two out at a time lovingly refer to this as "joining the $800.00 Club."
Shayne, Jayden and Brendan
I really, truly thought that knowing how incredible a mission is for these boys would make it easier to send Brendan. In some ways that does make the sting of sending him off a little less painful- but it also makes it harder- knowing what is coming.

This week is going to be an emotional marathon. He had his farewell yesterday, and spoke to a congregation of friends, family and ward members. He did a great job- and this morning in the shower- I felt the first of many hot streams of tears. (Seriously- how can tears feel hotter than the shower?!)

The "hot tears" are a combination of gratitude for their choices, regret for not doing enough/loving enough/teaching enough/spending enough time, the anguish of not being able to see them for two years, the worry of them being lonely/hungry/scared and so many more weird feels.

I remembered again as soon as it started- the weeks of hot tears when Jayden left, and it all came back to me.

I feel like I have grown so much trying to keep up with Jayden and his testimony. It has been really good change for us, but it is still hard on the heart.

Sending kids on missions is a perfect yin and yang of sweet and bitter.

Jayden has been anxious about his brother leaving. Bless him. His support means so much to all of us. And he has paved such a wonderful path for his brothers to follow. When I see who he has become- I want it so bad for my other boys too. Missions are a spiritual boot-camp. Serving others, gospel study & teaching creates strong husbands and fathers who have a solid testimony and relationship with God and Jesus Christ. What a gift to give our posterity!

Here is his letter this week:
i have been thinking all week about Brendan going into the mission field and every time i get thinking about it i get more and more excited! The mission is honestly one of the best experiences that someone can have! You learn so much and get to know the gospel more and help people and see them progress in the gospel. Brendan will do an awesome job and i am excited for him to have all these really fun experiences and opportunities!
I cant believe how fast the time went though! I feel like he just opened his call a little bit back! No but wow this is going to be crazy! 
This week was pretty normal. I had to do a report thing for President that took up some time but other that it was a pretty normal week. We had a really good conference with the Assistants and the talked about a lot of really cool things! Really i don't remember a lot of cool things that happened this week. It has been honestly normal. We were able to get out and teach a little bit and we found this really cool couple that we are hoping to meet with and teach them! 
We had a Family Home Evening this week with President (I don't have pictures because they are on his phone) and we were playing a game at the end and whoever lost had to do something funny. So Elder Covarrubias lost and had to sing really loud on the balcony, President gave me his phone to record him doing it and i sat down on a table that had glass on it and midway through his song the glass gave way and i feel on my butt in a pile of glass! I didn't get cut or anything but it made for a pretty fun time! We have it on video as well hah! 
I don't really have a long email this week either sorry but nothing to crazy to share with you guys! 
Love you! 
Elder Wadley
Elder Wadley and Elder Wadley

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