Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Much Anticipated Mother's Day Skype

This past Sunday was Mother's Day. Traditionally missionaries get to call home on this day, and on Christmas. Those are the only two dates we get to "see" him via Skype. Thank goodness for technology! The connection was super crappy. At times his face looked like an impressionist oil painting with his mouth on his chin. And we strained to hear him during those minutes- and dang it, because he was saying some good stuff, and we just sat there with tight-lipped smiles on our faces BECAUSE WE COULDN'T HEAR HIM. :(  I am sure he thinks that his family has lost some brain cells since he left. But given our distance, and the technology in Colombia- we were grateful for what we got.
His Skype avatar, man, I get excited when that thing pops up!
We were able to talk with him for a a little over an hour. He told us about the office, and the things he does there. He spoke to Sam in Spanish, and bore his testimony to the family in Spanish. He looks so confident and happy! We get to talk to him one more time while he is still a missionary in the field. I contrast this phone call to the one we had a year ago on Mother's Day- when we both needed each other so much, and how hard it was to see him- and how devastating it was to say "goodbye." This call was much less painful on my heart. The weird thing for me though, is my desperate need to hug him! That hasn't gone away. When I see his face, he seems so close and yet my arms feel so empty.
I got my annual Mother's Day photo of me and all the kids!
We talked about normal family things for about an hour. Then I gave him some alone time with his brothers. I especially wanted him to be able to talk to Brendan before he leaves on his mission next month. This is when the good stuff happened!

Elder Wadley told his brothers about a cab ride he and his companion took. The driver was talking about cocaine, and Jayden played dumb and asked the driver what "cocaine" was. "This" he said, pulling up a full bag, along with a bag of marijuana. Then as an added bonus, he hit a button on the tape deck in the car, and out popped some pink ecstasy tablets in the shape of "Hello Kitty." The driver handed the pills back to the boys. Jayden asked if the driver was always so open with his passengers with his "wares." "No, but you guys seem cool." HAHA! Oh, Colombia.

I could hear them all laughing in the next room as Elder Wadley shared stories. It will be another 3 1/2 years before my boys are all back together again.

Our time was almost up. We wrapped up the Skype call with a family prayer, and said "goodbye." Man, goodbyes just blow.
But I feel like the "welcome home" is going to be worth every one of them.
Nine short months.

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