Sunday, May 15, 2016

Charity and Urine Samples

This week Elder Wadley went on an adventure to the zoo, so we didn't hear from him until a little later in the day. His preparation day is still on Saturday, as he is still assigned to the mission office. It is always fun for me to be going about my Saturday chores and hear his e-mail chime in. I am glad he is doing some fun things while he is in Medellin. I hope he gets to explore even more. He actually sent some pictures too! I love photos, but as he has grown in the gospel, I am really loving his words. Especially this week. Some really mature advice about what he has learned about charity; the pure love of Christ. Makes my eyes leak.

Well this week has been kinda crazy at first but overall pretty normal. We started out the week with a conference here in Medellín with President. We were in charge of putting a lot of it together. It sometimes is a pain to do it all because it takes time away from our teaching time, but i also do like it because it is a different way to help out here in the mission. There are pros and cons to everything.
This week i have been studying a lot about charity. Because lately i have lost a lot of the love that i had for everybody. For my comps, members, and other missionaries. I haven't been the funnest most of the time and honestly that bugs me so bad. It is hard to love everybody for many reasons but  i also see it as a huge opportunity to develop my charity a little bit more. I was studying in Preach My Gospel and there is a part that i really liked, it is in the second paragraph in spanish it says "Nosotros debemos tratar de desarrollar esa clase de amor." (It is a little different than the english version) I really like how it uses the verb "tratar" this verb translated is like saying to try. Right then it struck me that we are not going to be able to develop this type of love here on earth but we can always try. We are not perfect and all loving but we can try and thats what is really important. And if we keep trying we will eventually develop that sort of love that Christ has.
Other than that this week went pretty good. Me and me comp just got back from the zoo and we had a good time haha! It was better than the Dubai zoo ill tell you thats for sure. 
Well Love you! Have a great week!
Elder Wadley
I loved his words this week. Isn't he wonderful? I am so proud of him. And a little in awe. When did he get so wise?
Then his photos from the zoo balanced it all out.
He is still a little bit of the cute idiot that we know and love!
Parque Zoológico Santa Fe
This last photo is of Elder Wadley and his companion while they were out doing some service.
I asked him what service they did. Here was our conversation:
Oh that is with Elder Flores we went to do a little service for a less active lady, She had those huge bags of bottles and basically we were making sure the lids fit on all of them haha it was super fun! They are the urine sample bottles hahah! 
Oh my heck!! That is hilarious! I hope you washed your hands! What kind of service is that?
They weren't used haha! I don't know it was her job make sure they have good lids haha!
What struck me about this conversation is that it didn't matter to him how important the job was, only that this sweet lady needed it done, so he just dove in and did it. He always has a smile on his face- and I have the sneaking suspicion that his charity level is higher than he thinks. But- his mama probably needs to follow his example more.

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