Monday, April 25, 2016

"The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed." -Elder Holland

This past week our youngest, Mikayla, turned 13. Officially all of our kids are teenagers. Until the end of July, when Jayden will time out and turn 20. So weird. We had all the kids close together, so we end up going through each stage of life in a big chunk.
Having five teenagers is a good mix of love and hate. I wouldn't say "hate" exactly- maybe more of a "I want to lock myself and what is left of my self-esteem into a closet until they go away."
The "love" part is what keeps a parent going. And getting e-mails from our missionary is a big part of the stuff I love right now.
Here is Elder Wadley's report this week:
Well holy crap Mikayla is getting really big haha what the heck!! That is super weird to see that! That will be soooo weird when i get home haha she will almost be 14 when i get back! i don't even believe it! Glad she had a fun birthday! Is that Momentum place the new one that just opened up by the alley?
oh and i still have room on my SD card so i am not too worried about it yet but when the time comes i am going to just buy a new one. 
Well this week hasn't been anything too special. This week was what we call transfer week. Basically is this week we have new people getting to the mission and people finishing the mission, and a lot of other missionaries that are going to different areas. It gets kinda nuts here in the office with all the stuff that we have to do. We had a decent amount of stuff that we had to do this time. It doesn't really involve me too much, but with all my comps busy i cant really do a whole lot. So the first couple days of the week are busy and it is hard to get a whole lot of teaching in but we still managed to get some citas in. 
Elder Wadley cleaning out a storage room in the office, photo courtesy of Sister Calderon. <3
Also this week Elder Gerber left the office. He is a missionary from Argentina and i love the kid to death.  My comp now i don't know if you remember Elder Larroza? I lived with him and he was my first zone leader when i first got to the coast, when i first got to the mission. Haha he is going to be my comp! Kinda weird how that all worked out but i am excited! He is a really good dude and i feel like i can learn a lot from him!
This week has been pretty cool. Like i said we haven't been able to leave as much as we would like to but i have been able to see the blessings of making the effort to leave and go and teach. We have been able to find some new people to teach and they have been reading what we leave them and everything. So it has really been a blessing to see that even though we don't get as much time to do everything we are still blessed like Elder Holland said "We get credit for trying" and i have seen that a lot lately! 
But the week has been good! 
Well i hope you guys have a great week! 
Love you all!Elder Wadley
Eating at "Planeta Comic en Santa Fé"

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