Monday, April 11, 2016

The Concept of "Clean Your ROOM!" is Finally Understood

This past week was a really good one for us. Elder Wadley's mission president has a daughter (Valeria) that moved out here (Provo) to attend Brigham Young University. We were able to pick her up, and spend an evening with her. She bowled for the first time (got a strike!) and we played laser tag and fed her. She speaks English really well, and was gracious enough to let me practice my terrible Spanish on her.
Future Elder Wadley (Brendan), Shayne, Sam, Me, Valeria, Shianne
She told us about Colombia, and Jayden and her home country of Peru. She brought with her a package from Elder Wadley. It was filled with treasures for each of us (fridge magnet, Colombian bracelets, etc) and each of us received a hand written letter! My letter is one that I will most likely always have tucked inside my scriptures. It was full of gratitude and testimony-everything a mom wants to hear.
Valeria is darling. We are planning on smothering her with love while her sweet parents look out for our boy.

Here is Elder Wadley's e-mail this week:

This last week was pretty normal. We had a couple things to do and i still have a couple things to do but i am slowly getting everything set up and ready to go. We had an Elder come back to the mission this week. The kid i replaced here in the office healed from his surgery and was able to come back to the same mission which is awesome. He is going to be living with us for a week and its nice to have him back! This week i learned an important lesson, well two actually.
One is that having a really clean house brings the spirit. Living with 6 other guys sometimes it is really hard to keep the house clean.
Other lesson i learned that i cant get angry or frustrated. This week there was one day where i was honestly mad over some stuff that was kinda important. But because i was angry i wasn't able to feel the spirit. All of those negative kinds of emotions impede us from feeling the spirit and well i have felt like this before but i never had thought of it in this way. Without the spirit i wasn't able to do a whole lot of things that with the spirit i could do, it made everything a little bit harder.So that is my challenge to you guys is to not get so distracted by negative feelings because in the end everything will be okay and it is so important to always have the spirit.
Don't have a whole lot to say i love you guys!!
Have a great week!
Elder Wadley
No pictures this week.
I asked again for photos. Jayden told me his camera was "pretty full." I had to tell him that you can clear the memory card. He didn't know. How did I miss teaching him this? We are going to try having him dump the card into Dropbox.
Does anyone use something different that would work?
Silly boy.

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