Monday, May 11, 2015

Computer Call, Cockroaches and a Carcass.

Isn't technology awesome?
I know it has only been three months, but it was wonderful to see Jayden's face- and see him live on our computer via Skype. To hear him laugh, and remember how his voice sounds, and his facial expressions. The computer he was on in Colombia had a super crappy camera. Most of the Skype he looked like he was one of those people who are interviewed in silhouette to protect their identity. I was just grateful to see him at all!  On the flip side- it was really hard to say good-bye. Again.
All those emotions that I have shelved for three months came rushing back.
But- I am already seeing change in Elder Wadley.
He has a slight accent- his voice inflection sounds different when he speaks.
He thinks his Spanish is terrible, but he is picking up more than he thinks he is. There were a couple of times in our conversation that he just used Spanish words instead of English. And Sam (being fluent in Spanish from his mission to Ecuador) rattled off a couple of things in Spanish, and Jayden totally got them.
I think this is an exercise in patience for Jayden.
A language is not something that you can just buy and install.
It will come. I know it will.
The Lord has promised that he will help us with the tools we need to further His work.
I still pray for him though- for the language to click.

He talked about his area (Mogambo), the food (rice and rice), the weather there ("hot as balls", and 78% humidity). His companion and leaders (4 to the house he is in), the neighborhood (lots of poor people in government housing), his investigators (one potential baptism upcoming!). 
He was so excited about everything he shared with us. Lots of smiles. He Skyped from a member's house, and halfway through the conversation they brought him a plate of food. Some sweet Colombian mom was spending her Mother's Day hosting my boy and feeding him.
My heart is so full.
I am so honored to be a mother. To know that the inherent desire that we mothers have to nurture others transcends borders and languages. I know my boy is in good hands- and that he is loved in Colombia. I hope to be able to pay it forward to another mama's boy.
When our time on Skype was wrapping up, Sam said a family prayer. Us kneeling in Utah, and Jayden in Colombia. Part of the prayer Sam expressed gratitude that even though we are thousands of miles apart, we can still feel close as a family. This is when we all started to come unglued.
I wouldn't want my boy anywhere else right now, but watching him softly cry into a hankie- and not being able to hug him- was a little rough.
I was reminded that our Heavenly Father probably aches to hug us too. Misses us 'til it hurts. And very much looks forward to our return.
Jayden gets to help Him right now with the hugging and the gathering.
What a cool thing.

This morning, I got a short e-mail from him. And some pictures. It is still his P-Day, and he is in the middle of washing his clothes (with a hose and a bucket), cleaning (there are worms in the shower!) and probably grocery shopping (currently the only thing he fixes are eggs).
Man it was so good to see you guys yesterday! It is super hard to say goodbye and even worse when you are forever and a half away! I am super grateful that we got to see each other though! I love you guys so much! I am glad you finally found your wallet haha! Did it have any treasures in it or anything? I dont really have a whole lot to report today because we talked all day yesterday! I love the pictures! You are totally right, the camera and lighting was terrible hahaha!  Elder Bigs says he doesnt even know how to respond to your "love" haha.  I love you!
 Here are the photos.
This is one that was taken in Bogota by another missionary, Elder Velasquez. This next picture is Jayden and Elder Velasquez. They both arrived at the CCM the same day, and got their calls the same day. I hope once they are both trained, they will end up as companions at some point.
The house that Jayden currently lives in doesn't drain into the infamous "Poo Canals." Instead, it empties into this hole in the front of the house that Jayden said was sort-of like a septic tank. He said that there are tons of mosquitos and cockroaches that come out of this "Poo Pit." Lovely.
Quote from Elder Wadley "Welcome to Colombia haha its pretty nasty here:) I love it!"
Avocados the size of his hand (he has big hands!) Yummy.
A dead cat. He made sure to let me know that this is not the mangy cat they adopted- although it is gone now. (YAY!) This was just a random road-side tragedy.
He is so weird.

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