Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Super Short Email Week

I don't mind so much that Elder Wadley's e-mails lately have been truncated obligatory afterthoughts. I know he is in panic mode. His mission is winding down and he is trying to squeeze everything he can out of his limited time.
I would still like to hear about what is going on with him, but I know that in 170ish days I will have him sitting on our couch again, and he can tell me in person.
Isn't that crazy?
I can't wait to smell Medellín. :)
Here is his e-mail this week:
This week was a lot of bus rides. We had to travel to Medellín for zone conference and right now i am in Medellín again because we have transfers here! I don't have a whole lot of time to write today but i promise that next week will be better and that i will send pictures!
My comp is getting transferred and i am going to stay in Cartago for a little bit longer! I am here in Medellín to pick up my new comp and take him back to our area. I was able to meet up with Elder Anderson again and he is currently sitting next to me. I will shoot you some pictures next week on everything! Sorry i don't have much time!
Love you!Elder Wadley
Mom note: distance from Cartago to Medellín is 152 miles, or a little over 5 hours on a bus, one way. Sounds terrible! If you have never been on a South American bus, there is rarely air conditioning, most people don't believe in deodorant, and I have never been on a bus with a bathroom.

I will have to ask him more about the 20+ hours he just endured. :/

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