Monday, June 22, 2015

New Companion, Same Area, Half-Hearted (thank goodness!) Attempted Robbery

This week Elder Wadley got a new companion. His second companion in the mission. He got another "gringo" which I have mixed feelings about. A part of me wanted him to get a Latin companion, so he would be forced to immerse himself in Spanish- BUT, the companion he got is AWESOME! Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson's mom is on our mission Facebook group- and I know that he and Jayden are going to get along well.
Here is this weeks e-mail:
Ugh so many Moab trips that i am missing! Oh and i totally miss the rodeo haha! As far as you staying in the jeep the whole time on tip over challenge, i don't believe it. Not one bit! I say pictures or it didn't happen;) If it truly did happen, thats awesome! I would pay to see that!
Hey i want you to imagine that 100 degree weather but its everyday. Thats a little bit of what it is like here. This week has been really bad for weather! Sounds like you guys had fun though which is really good! Besides it being really hot here everything is going really good! I am picking up some Spanish and its coming, super slow but its coming:) As far as the new mission president i have not met him yet. Everything is about the same.
Anyways i will tell you kinda how my week went, it was a pretty fun week!
Monday- Was a regular Pday, we washed our clothes and went and bought stuff. Nothing too interesting. We had McDonalds again on Monday. We also got the transfers this day which told everyone where they are going! Obviously i stayed and Bigelow left. 
Tuesday- So our whole zone came up Monday night for the zone meeting and a lot of people left Tuesday morning so they could start traveling to their new area. Elder Velasquez comp left also, so guess who was my comp for the next two days!?! Elder Velasquez!! Honestly at first i was kinda nervous for the whole thing because we both have the same amount of time in the mish and don't know a lot of Spanish. But it went so well! I think we worked really well together, heck we even taught full lessons! It was so fun and we got a lot of work done also!
Wednesday- So today i was with Elder V again but a lot of the citas fell and we didn't have a whole lot of time because we had to go and pick up our new comps. Which yes my new comp is Elder Anderson! He is awesome! Really all that happened today is we taught very few lessons because we didn't have much time. We passed by a ton of people but they were busy or not home.Oh we finally got a fridge today!!! Almost 3 months in the field and we finally got a stinking fridge! Oh i cant even tell you how nice it is to have cold water and food!
Thursday-Today was my first real day with my new comp! We had a really good comp study in the morning and we had weekly planning. The whole day went good we talked to a lot of people and introduced him to a lot of people as well! It is kinda weird leading the area! It is crazy how much i actually do know and remember!
Friday- Today was hot! It was like 110 degrees all freaking day! Oh we were dying! So today we rearranged the bedroom just because i felt like we should switch it up. We basically put both beds on the ground and thats about it. I like it a lot better now though.Other than that we almost got robbed today. Thats about it nothing crazy really happened. (Mom note: I asked Jayden about this "robbery" while he was still online- and this is what he said "We were just walking and these guys tried to stop us so they could rob us but we just kept walking." Here is a picture of them walking right after it happened. Apparently it happened as they were coming home from McDonalds. Which is a prestigious place to eat in Mogambo. No big deal. Almost get robbed, but TAKE A SELFIE WHILE IT IS HAPPENING. Haha! This is why missionary moms pray so much.)

Saturday- Saturday was terrible all of our citas fell and i mean all of them. Even our lunch appointment fell. So we did not get a whole lot of teaching in on this day which sucked but it happens. The only good thing is the when our lunch fell we went to McDonalds again haha! Saturday was just a lame day though.
Sunday- Honestly this Sunday was probably on of my most favorite Sundays in the mish. Why? This might sound bad but its because we didn't do anything. So we had church and lunch after church. But the assistants called us and said that we cant leave the house until like 5 or 6ish because Colombia was playing PerĂº and it is dangerous to be out in the street during this time. So we went back home and slept! 
Overall this week was a little crazy but it was good. There are a couple things that i realized this week though one is that God truly does know you as a person and what you need and what can help you! With my new comp there are still a lot of things i don't know and he just wants to help me it is awesome! Another thing is when i was with Elder V i got to test out how much Spanish i really do know, which made me a little more comfortable to speak it. Another thing is that i am making phone calls in Spanish to our investigators and verifying with the DL which i don't know is pretty crazy to me! 
Anyway this is my week! I am glad you guys are all doing so good! I will talk to you next week! I love you! I miss you a lot!
Elder Wadley

This is his new companion on the left, Elder Anderson. And Elder Larroza on the left. At McDonalds, just prior to the attempted robbery.
Elder Wadley and Elder Velasquez. These two dorks got their mission calls the same day, and were friends in the MTC. They were companions for three days during this last transfer, I hope later on in the mission they get to be companions when they are both a little less "green."

I don't think Elder V was ready for this shot.
Part of Elder Wadley's area.

Cleaning the poo canals.

I caught Jayden online for a little bit. Our conversation:
"Are you online right now?"
"is the pkg with the carpet sample my bday pkg?"
"Did it have ding dongs in it?"
"i didn't open it because i didn't want to if it was my bday pkg"
"I don't remember which one it was HAHA! You can open it!. There is a cool towel thing in it that you will want to use now. Just save your birthday stuff? I probably have time to send you more crap for your birthday. I was just panicked for the deadline with transfers and whatnot. lol. It wasn't anything spectacular. I am very limited on what I can send. I can't believe you got ALL YOUR PACKAGES so far! Holy cow. That is awesome. Do you need anything? Where are my pictures Elder Wadley!!!!"
"Well my computer doesn't want to connect to me camera"
"KEEEP TRYYYYING!! I want to see your stupid face!Are you still keeping in touch with Aydee? How does she feel now that she is baptized?"
"She feels good and is super happy all the time! We asked her the other day if she could come to lesson with us now and i didn't know what she would say but she really really wanted to it was super cool!!"
"Oh I am so happy! Her face was so beautiful that day- so much joy in her eyes. I love it.
Do you have any other serious investigators?
How is your health? Shoes? Clothes? Everything good?"
"We have one other right now that wants to get baptized the rest are kinda iffy. My shoes are getting ruined pretty quick but i have super glue, and maybe sometime in the future i can find some type of shoe goo. My clothes are getting nasty but not terrible. One pair of pants is already fading."
"HOLY CRAP! hahaha!! I will see if I can mail you some shoe goo! That sucks! I may have to fly some stuff down to you for christmas. Just dont tell dad. Grandpa randy said he would take me. ;)
Where do you email from on p-day? do you have to go somewhere?"
"got it to work hold on just one sec!"
(pictures sent)
"I love you sweaty little pigs!"


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