Monday, June 8, 2015

Con Mucha Gratitud, Presidente y Hermana Pitarch

This week's e-mail was a little scattered, and no photos. :( There was another dead cat this week- just no photo evidence.
Colombian cats must not have nine lives.

President and Sister Pitarch, the mission president and his wife are being released, this week will be their last week serving in Colombia. Changes are happening, but the work is still moving forward. This is a picture of Elder Wadley with Pte. and Hna. Pitarch when he arrived in his mission.
For those of you who are not LDS that read here, a mission president presides over all of the missionaries in a "mission." This includes looking out for their safety, over-seeing training, helping them through problems with being homesick, etc- and so much more that I do not even realize. I can't even imagine the stress! These married couples will leave their homes, careers or retirement, and family to serve. This is a voluntary calling. They do not receive pay. The mission president's wife is called too. She serves as a surrogate mom to all those kids. They generally serve for 3 years in this calling. I will always be grateful to these good people for making my boy feel loved, welcome, and at home in a foreign country. 
Thank you to the Pitarch family! 
Here is Jayden's letter:
Well this week was not all that interesting and not a whole lot happened. Plus i don't have like any pictures this week, sorry. So the week basically went like this, on Monday we played soccer as a multi-zone activity. It was pretty fun, but i suck at soccer really bad. Then we had our regular zone meeting and thats really about it.
 On Tuesday haha we went to a less actives house and she actually had a dead cat in her backyard that we took care of for her. So yes we did have a dead cat this week but i forgot to take a picture sorry, i know you probably really wanted to see it. 
On Wednesday i had another intercambio and i went to a different area and taught over there. It went good. we taught some decent lessons and just had a fun time. Meanwhile Elder Bigelow had to go and pick up an Elder that was coming home from his mission. Because the Elders family has only girls in it so the missionaries had to be with him practically all day. While i was in the other area, we were teaching a lady and kinda going over baptism and she shared a really powerful testimony about baptism. She is a less active and she was telling us how being baptized with the priesthood -the way we do it is better than any other way and she felt better than she ever had before. It was super cool how she understood that the priesthood is key, and she loved baptism.

On Thursday we had an all day conference with president in the stake center. It was cool there were like 60+ missionaries there and president just talked forever. It is kinda sad that he is leaving at the end of this week. Hopefully the new president will be cool. But yeah, president talked to us and gave us all hugs and said good luck.

The rest of the week was not too interesting. We only had a few big events i guess you say, we had a family come to us saying that they want to come back to church and the rest of the family wants to get baptized which is kinda cool. So we are going to be working with them for the next little bit here. We also had a small meeting with Jehovahs witnesses while we were trying to meet with one of our families. We set up a return appointment, i thought it was kinda cool. Also Saturday night while we were walking home we met a guy that lives in Florida and talked with him it was kinda weird but super cool. Usually when someone talks to you in English here it is because they know like a sentence they learned on TV or something, but this guy could speak English perfectly. The other major event that happened this week is it turns out my comp never asked how to spell Aides name so turns out it is spelled Aydee. Anyways thats really my week nothing interesting this week. I will try and make this next week a little bit better! I love you guys and i miss you tons!
Elder Wadley

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